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I have had parotid gland surgery and it left my eye on the

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I have had parotid gland surgery and it left my eye on the side of the surgery very dry. I have tried every available drops for extreme dry eyes and I still have problems. One doctor recommended putting the plug in the tear duct. I cannot afford the new product (rest....sp?)What solution do you recommend. Thank You. Jo-Ann

Hello there

When was the surgery? what preservative free tears have you used? why did you not do the plug?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The surgery was February 12 of this year. I have used Vigamox,Soothe XP,Systane, Optive, Genteal Gel. They work for a few hours, some burn and some seem to form a crusty tear residue. By the end of the day my eye burns and I have to keep it closed. I wondered how good the plug works in your opinion. I am sorry I can not pay more but I am on disability and have a very low income. Thank You. Jo-Ann


you can try something called Refresh Celluvisc every 1-2 hours, this is by far better than anything you listed and tried. The plug works wonderfully in my opinion and can work as well as Restasis in someone like you. Regards ***** *****

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Is Refresh Celluvisc an over the counter or prescription only? How long should the plug last? Jo-Ann

Hello again

Celluvisc is over the counter indeed, the plug typically lasts a couple of years, can easily be removed if it is bothersome, I would recommend it, Dr. Stevens