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Dr. Chan
Dr. Chan, Ophthalmologist
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I am 30 years old and have a lazy eye. I used patches on my

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I am 30 years old and have a lazy eye. I used patches on my good eye as a kid to improve the sight in the lazy eye. I now have very good sight in my good eye but the sight in the lazy eye is not as good but its still reasonably good. My question is, If I patch the good eye at 30 years old is there any chance that the sight in the lazy eye could improve? Or is there any other way to improve sight in a lazy eye? Or will I just have to live with it?

As far as we know, the first 8-9 years of life is the time when visual maturation takes place. That is why we patch during this time period. At age 30, most likely there would not be any benefit to patching the good eye. The lazy eye has improved as much as it can by this time.

As far as improving the vision some other way, if this is truly a lazy eye, there is no other treatment. If the eye is bad for some other reason, there might be treatment available depending on the cause.

Hope this helps.

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