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Dr. Stevens
Dr. Stevens, Ophthalmologist
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I have one eye that is red and irritated which would be the

Customer Question

I have one eye that is red and irritated which would be the left eye also the pupil in the eye is dilated. My allergies have been bothering me for the past week what could this be?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 8 years ago.

Hello there

What is your age? Do you have any medical problems? In regards XXXXX XXXXX left eye, with the dilated pupil, what eye drops have you used in it? When did you notice the dilated pupil? Does it react to light? How big is the pupil compared to the other?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have used Visine and naphcon-A eye allergy relief' I noticed it today. No it does not react to light. It looks the size of your pupil when you are having the eyes examined when the get dialated.
Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 8 years ago.

Hello there

the pupil size can be dilated by the Naphazoline in Naphcon-A. Pupil dilation without the use of any eye drops would be very concerning especially if the involved eye seems to track poorly or there is a drooping of the same eyelid. However, the pupil dilation should go back to normal within 12 hours of last use. The eye irritation can be allergy related since you have allergies this week, though this is typically bilateral. If there is significant scratchiness or light sensitivity or blurred vision, you need to be evaluated within 24 hours. You can try something called Zaditor (ketotifen) OTC drops and these will help with allergy symptoms if that is what you are suffering from better than what you have tried already. If the pupil is large tomorrow morning, you need to see an eye doc in the morning for evaluation. Dr. Stevens

Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 8 years ago.

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