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I am seeing flashes of light on the left side of the left eye,

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I am seeing flashes of light on the left side of the left eye, like a lightning bolt. It continues even with my eyes closed. It is similar to the bright light preceeding a migrain, but I have not had a headache. This started 24 hours ago. Should I see my regular doctor (potential illness) or my eye doctor (infection, eye disease)? I am traveling and will not see either for 3 weeks. Should I seek emergency help?

Hello there

is the flashing light just the same as in a migraine? is it a brief spark of light or more of a continuous brightness? Are there any new floaters?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Have had migraines in past but they were a constant light in the center field of vision in both eyes. This situation is spasmodic, like top-to-bottom zig-zag lines, in only left eye & on the side towards the temple. Went outside in the sun and noticed old floaters (like lint threads) plus new floaters in clusters of very tiny dots. Have not had a migraine in 6 months. Am 61 yrs old, female, history of breast cancer, mild heart (valve) disease, thyroid, and family history of heart disease and glaucoma.

Hello again

I suspect there is something else going on, perhaps something simple as a vitreous separation but possibly something more serious such as a torn retina. This should be evaluated on an urgent basis. I think it is appropriate to get follow up within 24 hours for something like this. I suspect it will be hard to get evaluated this evening by an eye doctor and ER docs really do not have the skills to properly decipher what is happening. I would suggest calling local eye docs to see if they can accomodate you first thing in the morning. I wish you well, Dr. Stevens

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