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I have ribbons of flashing light in my vision that come and

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I have ribbons of flashing light in my vision that come and go. Generally lasting 10-15 minutes. It doesn't effect the symtoms by blinking or rubbing my eye. It first ocurred on my right eye and today on my left eye. It for the most past is a periphereal occurance but I can see it very well.

Hello there

how long has this been an issue?

are we talking flasing lights or a bright light that is constant / different colors?

is there any new floater in the eye?

vision OK?

any headache after these? your age?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I just noticed this a couple of weeks ago. 2-3 time in my right eye and then today in my left eye. The best way to describe it you be if you think about a ribbon of water and the light reflecting through it. Yes to colors but mainly a brightness to the ribbon. TodayI had on sunglasses and I didn't take then off when I first noticed it, I was thinking that something was on the lense, but when I took them off it became much more noticable. Rubbed my eye and blinked repeatedly to no avail. After another 5 of so minutes it went away. NO HEADACHES. I also noticed last week a rectagular shadow long and narrow in my right eye that lasted for 5 or so minutes kind of like a floater in that it was hard to keep in my vision.

Hello there

I see patients with similar symptoms quite often. Folks often describe a bright or colorful pattern (sometimes wavy or zigzag in nature) and it can be in one eye and moves to the other, sometimes affecting the central vision. Sometimes there is a headache following this as well. This is called an ophthalmic migraine. The names can be confusing. Think of it this way:

only the visual symptoms - no headache = ophthalmic migraine (also known as ocular migraine).

headache with an aura is called a classic migraine (headache with some peculiar visual warning / episode prior to headache)

Migraines are common and typically require no treatment, except for more rest, less stress, etc. Sometimes caffeine can help shorten the episode. The only thing is that I am not 100% convinced this is not a retinal problem, especially since you may have a new floater also, as such I recommend you getting in with your eye doc and having your eyes dilated, checking for retinal problems. I hope this helps answer your question, if not, just let me know, Regards

Dr. Stevens

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