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My eye is swollen, and very red and irritated. The part of

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My eye is swollen, and very red and irritated. The white part of the eye is very gooey, and sort of feels like it is falling out, but the cornea is still taut and seems fine. What is this, what can I do to help lower the swelling (it's getting harder to close my eye at all) and the irritation until I can get to my doctor? Please help!
How long has this been going on? where is the swelling? is there discharge?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The irritation started a few hours ago, and I had to take out my contacts. Within the past hour or so, I started to notice some swelling, so I went to flush out my eyes with water. I think it may be due to an allergy (I've just been recently sneezy and such, but have never suffered from allergies before), because I just returned home and being around my cat may have been the trigger. The swelling is really bad in the bottom, outside corner, which is where it is getting difficult/irritating to blink. But, only on the white area of my eye. I wouldn't consider it any discharge, my eyes have just been watering because of the irritation.

Hello there

It is most likely allergic in nature. Apply cool compresses to relieve the discomfort immediately, purchase some stuff called Zaditor, it is over the counter and is a drop that is used 2-3 times a day for allergic symtoms. For immediate relief use Refresh Celluvisc to relieve the discomfort and grittiness. If there is significant swelling, a dose of benadryl may be helpful too. Dr. Stevens

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