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I have chronic eye problems scleritis and iritis and

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I have chronic eye problems scleritis and iritis and sometimes uveitis. Eye becomes very red and painful. It also gets blurry, especially the left's always the left.   I get terrible rashes also across my face and chest...I have joint pain and wonder why the lab does not show what connective disease or arthritis have. My brother and sister also have some of these problems, but I am the only one who gets the bad eye problem. What do you think?
Are you aware of what labs have been drawn ? have you seen a rheumatologist? a uveitis specialist?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I saw a Rhematologist about three years ago, and he is calling it fibromyalgia which my sister has. THe lab work was negative for connective specific disorder back then. With my Gp, the lab comes out with a high C-Reactive protein, and high sed rate. But no positive ANA. I have horrible rash now all over face and neck. It burns like a bad sunburn. It also itches a bit. My eye gets blurry off and on quite frequently too. It worsens as the day goes by. A long time ago at Baylor in the Texas Med Center, my lab was pos for the double stranded DNA, Smith-Rowe was pos. THey said I had something. My back and other joints are keeping me from working.

I always see an Opthamologist and regular eye drops of steroids, and Timolol for my occular hypertension. Oh, and I get dreadfully sick in the sun...usually get itchy painful rashes. I cannot go out in the sun. Some new labs have been drawn lately. I will get the results Monday.

Hello there

I am sorry to hear of your troubles. There are some things in your history that suggest lupus, however there are several criteria for this. I think you should be seen by a rheumatologist again and perhaps a uveitis specialist. The latter is recommended since it sounds like your inflammation has been difficult to cure and is recurrent. If you have a systemic disorder, and it can be treated, the eye symptoms can be more easily controlled. i wish you well, Dr. Stevens

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