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My 64 year old brother has been having problems with his

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My 64 year old brother has been having problems with his right eye since last year, he has had several medictions, worn a patch, pain meds and to date no relief, before the holidays it subsided only to reoccur during the holidays and now it is worse. the other night he could not sleep at all due to irritation and pain, he has been seeing a specialist who just tells him to take his pain meds but this will only help the pain not diagnose and cure the problem. I am affraid he may have some very serious illness and thinks he should go to the emergency room so they can run test. I worked in an Eye care and Surgical clinic so I am aware of some of the serious problems that could be going on, Can you please advise me what I can tell him to seek further treatment to knock this out once and for all. He has been coming home from work and going straight to bed his life as all but stopped something is terribly wrong. please advise ASAP

Hello there

It sounds like he now has a blind and painful eye, however you dont indicate what is the problem. My guess, purely a guess is he has had some sort of a secondary glaucoma or corneal issues....what do you think is the problem? If you have some clues, I can help.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
he went to several different physicians and they told him it was an infection i talked to his daughter today and she said it is all red and irritated and he is so scared and frustrated, obviously pain pills are not helping and I do not think it is an infection, I have heard or detached retnas, tumors and my imagination could go on and on. He owns his own construction company so he has worked outdoors since he was 17 years old. He is and avid hunter and fisherman and now he doesnot even do that, his mood has changed and to me he is scared and worried and so am I. I strongly feel there is a more serious problem and it my nesseciarly be caused by the eye. His eye is BLOOD RED, extremely irritated, painful, swolen. I can get more information if need be.
The worst thing I can think of is a melanoma, but that is something the docs usually insist on enucleation (removal of the eye). Besides something like this, I am willing to bet this is a localized eye issue and not life threatening. If he has pain and it is totally bloodshot, he probably has irreversible vision loss. Assuming he now has a blind eye.... What I would do if I were you is to approach him and tell him that his eye is causing more discomfort than good and perhaps removal may help him get relief and get on with his life. This will get him to commit to addressing the issue at hand and seeking proper treatment, If he has vision still, let me know and I can have suggestions in convincing him to seek treatment. Regards
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

as far as i know he still has vision but he may not have and is not telling anyone. I just talked to my brother and he said his vision is very blurred, He said he just decided to see another specialist because the one he has been seeing told him he would have to get used to it, he said it started last march and it really flared up the other night, siad his eyeball swells up and throbbing pain. He is very depressed and worried and so am I said he was on several meds and eye drops and this new doctor took him off of most of them and he thinks that is what caused the flare up, I am worried and told him that if he has episodes like that he should go to the ER and they will do test to determin more such as CT scans or MRI?? he said he would I can not believe he has put up with this for so long, it has affected his life style, his mood, and he is worried, he is wearing eye sayety glasses around the grandbaby so he doesn't have any thing happen what do you think Have you ever heard of HERPES OF THE EYE. I have always had extremely bad fevere blisters since pre teen age, and one year doctor told me it was herpes. this is what they told him that it was like that, it can get in the nose, mouth or on the lips and it is simply do to stress.

For someone with the symptoms, he can have a variety of issues....herpes included

Herpes Keratitis (corneal infection)

Corneal ulcer

Bullous keratopathy

neovascular glaucoma

angle closure glaucoma (chronic)

fuchs dystrophy

map dot fingerprint dystrophy.....

list goes on and on, almost all can be treated and eye can be stabilized. If there is anytning in particular you would like info on, please let me know, I wish him well, Dr. Stevens

Dr. Stevens and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

thank you so much for the information I will call him back and mail our conversation to him. Maybe it will ease his mind and he will ask more questions.

Sincerely Doris


you are so welcome, I hope he gets better soon, Regards *****