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Hello, My mother in law has some mild headache related to a eye pain

Customer Question

Hello, My mother in law has some mild headache related to a eye pain that has been sustained for long time, she has been seen in Mexico (where she resides) but we can not retrieve their medical records to have a second opinion in the US, could you tell us if there is a way o have her condition checked at a very low price (or pro-bono) in the US?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr Matt replied 8 years ago.
Your best chance for a low cost medical evaluation would be to seek care at a larger medical institution with a teaching mission. These arrangements should be made in advance, and your plan to pay cash also mentioned. Sometimes hospitals and doctors will charge less for cash paid in advance or at the time of the visit. If you do not feel there is an acute problem, you may wish to see if a private practice neurologist will see your mother-in-law.

With respect to charity care, this is usually reserved for those without access to medical care; since your mother in law has already seen a provider, she has access. Second opinions are not generally considered to be charity care. As a foreign citizen, there will be restrictions on the use of tax supported programs to provide care.