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20/20 in both eyes..she took the eye exam she failed in the left eye

Resolved Question:

My daughter 5 years old has just been given glasses. We went for her Kind. exam and they gave her 20/20 in both eyes, 3 days later she had a corneal abraision and when she took the eye exam she failed in the left eye and I noticed that she was peaking. We went for a recheck 4 days later and same thing with the abraision completley healed. Since then we have seen an eye doctor(this last Friday) who has said that she is 20/20 in her right eye, and 20/200 and has amblyopia. Much to our dismay we had no idea. She is a smart as a whip and showed no signs!! Her treatment is now glasses and eye patching the good eye to hopefully regain vision in the left eye 1 week patch for 10 min,1 month 30 min and1 month 1 hour of patching. I think the perscription is SV- sph plano to 4.00 (That was on the receipt for the lenses)Does this seem like the right course of action, should I seek a second opinion. Is this easily diagnosed or could she be wrong?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 8 years ago.

hello there

she has something called anisometropic refractive amblyopia . One eye needs not prescription, while the other needs a huge prescription and has been seeing blurry all along. Everything you describe from her peaking her way past the adults testing her at school, to the prescription and treatment are exactly what we do. One other thing we do is to dilate and blur the good eye with dilating drops rather than patching. But it is all the same sort of treatment. I hope she recovers vision in that eye, it will take some time but she is still in the window for treatment success, Regards

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My understanding is that with the prescription she is still not seeing as well so what exactly is the prescription doing?? Do you recommend sensimotor evaluation and visual therapy outside of home treatment at this point. One doctors office recommended that and I am confused to exactly what that will do. Thanks
Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 8 years ago.

Hello there

the reason why the one eye sees poorly is that it needs the prescription to see well. The problem at this point is that the eye has seen so poorly for so long that the neural connections in the brain failed to develop properly. So now, you patch the good eye and force the bad eye to see a clear image through the spectacles and in turn encourage the neural connections to form and develop. Over time, months, the vision will improve slowly sometimes to 20/20.....keep doing the patching therapy using her glasses....follow up with the doc and see how she is progressing. If you dont do the treatment, she will never depelop her vision in that eye, Regards XXXXX

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