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Dr. Stevens
Dr. Stevens, Ophthalmologist
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Have had a red. eye for 3 days. No itching, no discomfort,

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Have had a red. eye for 3 days. No itching, no discomfort, no swelling, just redness on lower area below pupil. Seems to occur on left eye only but not frequently at all. aI have been using Opcon A accordingly, & it worked the last time I had this problem which may have bee 2-3 mos. ago. I do wear eye make up & have for an eternity. I have a first date tomorrow with a very important person. Anything I can do.....besides wearing sunglasses.     Carmel

Hello Carmel


Visine LR will help reduce redness and help soothe the eye, here is the stuff that should help


Now if you have a little blood spot on the eye, that is different and only time will take care of it, Regards, XXXXX XXXXX




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I saw your feedback. Opcon A can also be used, the way you worded it, it seemed you tried it this time also and it did not work, but yes if you have not tried it, it is OK to try for sure. Dr. Stevens
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i am not familiar with a lot of what these sights can do. I also didn't expect to pay for some information, but accepted the conditions. There are many ways of getting free information, which is certainly a consideration for me being a single Senior. I still think it is confusing how you charge....a bonus?.....are you going to charge for the Dr"s reply? I hope not! Thank you but I probably will not use this site again.