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My wife recently had surgery to her lower eye lid due to cholestrol

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My wife recently had surgery to her lower eye lid due to cholestrol deposits whic had formed whitish areas. The Surgery accomplished the surgery to remove the deposits, and due to the depth of the deposits bragged about having to do a facelift to reattach the lower eye lid to the remaining facial skin. I had noticed a noticeable droop in her lower eye lid compared to the left which was not as severe, but evident. After mentioning my concern on the 4th day after surgery, the surgery accomplished another surgery during the 3-4th week from intial surgery to pull the right eye outwards to remove the droop. I have serious concerns with a few of his statements, 1- He asked my wife if her right eye closed at night when she slept, and if not that I should "Tape" it shut. 2- He said the only way to prevent the droop would to be sew my wifes eyes shut for 6 weeks (is this really a procedure?) 3- When asked if the results thus far are a reflection of his work and quality in his procedure- NO

Hello there

it sounds to me like she had xanthelasmas removed? is this correct? which lids, upper lids, lower lids? how does your wife look now? does she suffer from burning, tearing, irritation since the surgery? when she lays down and closes her eyes, does it seem like the lids shut fully?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
<p>The procedure the surgeon used wasBlepharoplasty on the lower eye lids both left and right, which removed the deposits. As of today, the right eye has a noticeable droop to the lower eye lid, and the right eye has a droop which has been there since the surgery. In regards XXXXX XXXXX , there is what wife calls drainage, but has to carry tissues with her at all times, and puts in eye drops daily for lubrication.</p><p>Even after the 2nd surgery to attempt to correct the severe droop in the right eye, when she sleeps there is a gap that allows the white of the eye to be seen.</p>

Hello there

it appears that your wife had the deposits removed along with the skin that the deposits are intimately attached to. This can cause the lids to sag down in a process called cicatricial ectropion. You need to give this some time as the skin on the lids becomes looser and allows the lid back toward the normal position. Massaging the skin and taping the lid helps to strecth the tissues so that there is better position over time. It can be frustrating. One piece of advice is that it never hurts to get a second opinion from an oculoplastic surgeon to make sure there is nothing immediate that needs to be addressed. Regards XXXXX

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
But have you ever heard olf having your eyes lids stitched shut for 6 weeks as a procedure?

Hello there

he is considering a tarsorrhaphy to help the skin stretch back to normal position, and yes this is a valid treatment at this point.

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