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I was diagnosed with closed-angle glaucoma during a routine

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I was diagnosed with closed-angle glaucoma during a routine check-up. Prior to that I had normal field of view results and no damage to the optic nerve - no symptoms at all. Retest showed the same. However, I had laser surgery in one eye (my "good eye") to correct the potential problem. Now, I have a strong "glare" in that eye as a result. Was it necessary for me to have this surgery? I am very angry about this right now!

Hello there

when was the laser performed? have you told the doc about the glare and has he dilated to look at the lens in your eye (cataract check) ?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The procedure was done on Thursday, March 26. So that was just a week ago. I went in yesterday for a follow-up, and I told him about the glare. He just told me that about 2% of his patients experience that, and that I would "get used to it over time". He did not dilate, and did not check for cataracts. I have an appointment again in about 3 weeks. Is that something I should ask for? Why would I see this glare now and not before the laser procedure was done, if the cause was a cataract? By the way, he never wanted to dilate previously for fear of an "event", so no dilation has ever been done on me by this particular doctor.




Hello there

there are 3 possible causes for glare. 1) the laser was performed in a part of the iris that allows light in, and the iridotomy hole is not under the lid. (this is unlikely, we hide the holes usually). 2) Pigment dispersed from the iris and inflammation is causing glare (this will improve over time) 3) the laser caused a small focal cataract (very unlikely <1% chance). Give it some time and if it persists, let them know and it will be safe to dilate that eye at this point. If you like, you can usually hold off on the second eye until this one is resolved. Dr. Stevens

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