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Hello, 32 years ago in my 20's I had ITP from a bad virus.

Resolved Question:

Hello, 32 years ago in my 20's I had ITP from a bad virus. I was treated at Hopkins for a 4 year pd. I first went to a local doctor who gave me Prednisone (about 45 mg a day), soon after, I went to a doctor at JHU who lowered this ASAP until I was on about 5 mg per day for an extended time until released 4 years later (this doctor moved). He thought I was fine. I never had surgery. My regularly visited eye doctor (also a glaucoma specialist), consistely says my eye pressure is 14, but recently with a broken eye vessel, I visited a closer doctor due to a snow storm. This doctor said my pressure was 21 and he asked me back in a month and found it to be the same. I then rechecked with the specailist who found it to be 14. He said the other doctor should not have dialated my eyes so heavily, as he did. He said pressure can vary during a single day. He said my nerves looked fine. He will also do a recheck. Should I now still worry about the effect of past Prednisone and glaucoma?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 8 years ago.

Hello there

eye pressure can indeed vary throughout the day and normal range is about 12-21. So long as you are monitored every few months while you are on prednisone, you will be OK. A significant rise in pressure >25 can be treated and well controlled in most cases. While you can worry about the effects of prednisone in the eye, glaucoma being one, cataracts being another side effect, those can be treated and treated well, the ITP needs to be well controlled and that is the most important goal in maintaining your health. Dr. Stevens

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I am a little confused on this, but this answer was not quite an answer to my question. I replied but am not sure Dr. Stevens will receive it. I would rather write using my e-mail./ However:

Dr. Stevens, I have NOT taken Prednisone for 32 years, and the glaucoma specialist (also my regular doctor) thinks my eyes are fine and that the nerves look as always - good. The second doctor thinks because he saw a reading of 21 eye pressure 2 times that I have, or am getting, glaucoma. What is your opinion on the remarks of the 2 doctors? Thank you.

Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 8 years ago.
I apologize, I reread the entire post and had missed a couple of key words. Past use of prednisone may increase chances of glaucoma in the future but it is a small risk, very small. Furthermore, a pressure reading of 21 is still in the normal range and so long as your optic nerve looks healthy and remains doing so, there is no need to worry about glaucoma. High eye pressure does not equal glaucoma, it is only a risk factor. Health and stabilty of the optic nerve is the most important thing. With your pressure and healthy nerve, simply monitoring every 6 months or even a year is sufficient, Regards, ***** *****
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Dear Dr. Stevens, Thank you. That helped a lot! I think I am staying with my second doctor, as he is the specialist and he does not seemed concerned in this regard. Also, I am very slim and I bike 10 miles nearly every day so I really try to stay fit and watch what I eat. I am hoping this will help, but the second doctor really did put a scare into me!
Expert:  Dr. Stevens replied 8 years ago.
You are welcome, Regards