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Dr. Stevens
Dr. Stevens, Ophthalmologist
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My vision in my left eye is bluury. it is worse some days

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My vision in my left eye is bluury. it is worse some days than others. It looks like my left eye is kinda of closed a little bit

Hello there

how long has this been going on? is the eye red or painful? do you wear glasses? have you had a checkup? what is your age?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Dr Stevens,

I am 46 years old and until 3 months ago I have had good eye sight my whole life.

My eye is a little red on some days there is no pain but I keep trying to wipe my eye like there is water or something in my eye but it won't clear up. Today my eye has been bad

If I close my right eye I could not read this text with my left. sunny days are comming and I have golf to play. I have never worn glasses and never been to see an eye doctor

never needed to.

Hi again

have you tried reading glasses from a drugstore? is the vision poor for near AND distance? Is there distortion, meaning do straight items seem bent or wavy in the left eye?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Dr Stevens

I have a pair of reading glasses that I bought from the drug store they are 1x they seem to help with small numbers. I have no distortion things are not bent or wavy. And on some days my eye is fine but those seem to be getting fewer and fewer. Should I go for a patch and a headban or maybe the german thing? As far as distance go's it is not as bad but still blurey and seems to be getting worse.

Hello there

I am concerned that you have something going on in your left eye. There is no doubt that you are becoming presbyopic, that is losing your near vision that requires up close focusing (this is normal aging at work.) However, this does not explain the difference in vision between the two eyes. I suspect you are either becoming more far sighted as you age and more so in the left eye or forming a cataract in that eye. I don't think this is macular degenration or something serious. Customer You need to get an ophthalmologist appointment and deal with whatever the issue may be, also do report back what is found. Regards, ***** *****

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