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I have had problems focusing from distance to close for some

Resolved Question:

I have had problems focusing from distance to close for some time now (do have glasses) just recently looking at anything is difficult and have had an underlying headace for past two weeks now, it also makes me feel nauseous.   Could it be anything underlying Have been to optitian had pressures done as my Dad and Aunts went blind with glaucoma, and back of eyes looked at my prescriptian did not need changing I am 53 y femail, underactive thyroid and on HRT, but this is making me miserable as any chore is I do is uncomfortable visually. ps my blood pressure is up a bit but am on beta blockers?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. PG replied 8 years ago.
I am an Ophthalmologist.
The most common cause of headache in cases like yours is high blood pressure, increased intraocular pressure in the eye (glaucoma), Change in prescription of glasses. All these causes have been checked and are within normal range. The other reason of headaches specially when you have difficulty in focusing for near objects, can be convergence muscle weakness in the eyes. When we are looking at near objects (like reading), the inner muscles of the eyes are supposed to converge them. These muscles can be weak and can lead to blurring of vision after few minutes of reading followed with headache. For this you would need to do convergence exercises. The simplest is to hold a pen or pencil in your hand and extend the arm in line with nose in front of your face. Focus on the tip and slowly bring the pen/pencil near your nose. The pint where you see two images or blurring of the tip, take it back and repeat the exercise. DO this 20-30 times morning and evening. Initially you might have an increase in headache, but take a painkiller and continue exercise for 3-4 months. Your symptoms should improve slowly.
The other possibility in your case can be migraine headache. For this you would need to consult a Neurologist for a detailed evaluation.
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