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Dr. PG
Dr. PG, Ophthalmologist
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I have an eye issue.

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About 4 hours ago I felt something in my right eye like an eye lash and began rubbing my eye. It is now red and looks like there is a jelly substance in the white part of my eye. My vision in the right eye is a little blurry but not bad, there is a very very small amount of pain in the eye and when i woke up about 30 minutes ago my eye was crusted over. I took a wash cloth to the outside of my eye to get the gunk off but wonder if I need to see someone at an emergency room as it is 4am CST or if I can wait until later on in the day or possible tomorrow to see a doctor.

Thank you Customer
I am an Ophthalmologist.
From the symptoms you are describing it seems that either you are starting with an eye flu (pink eye) or there is a minor injury to the eye while rubbing it.
You would need antibiotic eye drops after a complete eye examination. There are lubricating and anti-inflammatory eye drops available over the counter which you can take from an overnight pharmacy to help tide over the symptoms for the night. The lubricating eye drops are genteal/refresh tears/optive/systane. The anti-inflammatory eye drops are zaditor. If after putting these eye drops you feel better, then you can wait till morning, but if there is no relief or the symptoms worsen, then you would need to see a doctor immediately.
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