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My eye doctor gave me the wrong prescription for my glasses

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My eye doctor gave me the wrong prescription for my glasses making them too strong and after suffering headaches for the past 8 months and going to doctors to try to find out what was causing my headaches, it was blamed on sinus infections and migraines, i haver recently discovered it was my glasses. I have had another exam from the same eye doctor that did my exam in 2002 and he verified that my eyes have had a slight change since then and also verified that glasses were too strong. I have taken all kinds of pills and a CT scan plug missing work and family activities because of this for 8 months. Can i sue for damages or distress?

You may have some basis for lawsuit, however, you need to tell me the old prescription from 2002, the "wrong" prescription and the newest prescription? What are the numbers, you can just write them out.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I don't have the prescriptions for the 2002 but i can get it, i had a copy of the prescription for the glasses that that gave me the headaches but i would think if i called them they would have to give me one. I will get this info for you

OK Sheri, let me know
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am suppose to get the other prescription tomorrow from the eye doc that gave me the wrong prescription but here are the other two

Eye exam at same place

7-13-02 - wore these glasses up until I had gotten the new ones - 7-30-08

R - -.25    -.25      45

Here is the exam from 3/17/09
R    -.50    -.25     55
L Lazy eye - Plano

I am suppose to p/u the other one tomorrow so i will let you know what that says.

keep me posted....
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I now have all the information


D R    -.25      -.25      45        +1.50
S L   PLANO                           +1.50


D R   -.75                            2.00
S L   BALANCE                         2.00


D OD   -.50       -.25      055


The second one, is the one that has caused the headaches.


when I review the prescriptions, it is apparent they are a bit different but in all honesty the difference is soooo small that yes it can cause headaches but it is common for the prescription to vary that much from day to day refraction exams. Your initial question was whether there was any merit based on the prescription for a lawsuit. While an attorney will take on a case for any reason, it is my opinion that the difference in prescription is NOT enough to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the glasses caused all your symptoms. I want to show you some math....the overall power of your spectacles (right eye) is as follows....

1st rx -.375

2nd rx - .750

3rd rx -.625

so you see the third prescription is much closer to the 2nd one that the first one although all are similar.

I am just glad you got better with the right spectacles, please let me know if you have any other concerns or questions Sincerely

Dr. Stevens

Hello Sheri

rereading the answer, I neglected to include the word NOT above, please reread the post, Thanks

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
you are telling me that i suffered for 7 months and i can do nothing about it? I can proof it was the glasses, it started when i started wearing them and ended when i stopped wearing them. Somebody should be responsible and all you are saying is i deserve is a oh well glad you are better???

Dear Sheri

I can empathize with you for your pain and suffering. You asked me for my opinion on the prescription. Like I said, there is nothing to keep you from bringing a suit however, the premise of it being a pair of glasses that are too strong simply is not supported by the minor difference in the spectacles you were recently prescribed compared to the faulty pair. The overall diopteric difference is only 1/8 of a diopter and this is a tiny amount. Yes it can cause symptoms but it is not a negligent act of the doctor in prescribing them to you. Do you see the subtle difference? Consider this, your prescription should be -1.50 and you are given -3.25, yes it does happen. This may have more basis. Now if the second pair of spectacles were made with a considerably wrong prescription, that may be something else to consider all together. Dr. S

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for you time and feedback. When the eye doctor was writing out the prescription for the pair that are causing me trouble the 7-23-08 pair before he wrote out the prescription he mentioned to me that he was unsure about which lens to give me and hoped it wouldn't be to strong. Now i am 800 dollars poorer with a pair glasses i can not use because every time i put them on i get a headache.


consider letting that doctor know what you have been through and your unhapiness with the situation. Let him know you would like your money back. It is something to considerer. Dr. Stevens

Dr. Stevens and other Eye Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have already went down that avenue and like you he just said glad you pain went away.


there are more reasons why you would get headaches with glasses besides the prescription. Perhaps the pupillary distance or vertex distance is off (center of lenses not centered in front of the pupils)....perhaps the spectacles had an issue, because the prescription power is off by such a small amount. Anyways, good night, Dr. S