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lazer surgery on my left eye, December 14, eye..I felt pain

Resolved Question:

I had lazer surgery on my left eye, December 14, 2007. I felt like I was left alone to long when I got the shot to kill the feeling in my eye and when the doctor tried to give me the laser shot, I felt pain. Now, I can not see with the left eye and I have to wait until Monday, March 23 to see the doctor no other doctor want to see me since this doctor did the surgery. I woke up Friday, March 6 and could not see. I tried making an appointment to see the retinol specialist. I went to the ER at Crawford Lond Hospital on March 12 and was referred back to the doctor that did the surgery on December 14, 2007? I need to see a doctor ASAP. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO coverage through my job. I am a diabetic.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Eye
Expert:  Dr. PG replied 8 years ago.
   I am an Ophthalmologist.
Can you give some more information regarding your question-
- was the laser applied in the retina of the left eye?
- was this because there are diabetic changes in your retina?
- how are your blood sugar levels - under control?
- after laser, did you have the original pre-laser vision in the left eye?
- did you have a subsequent follow up with your retina specialist after the laser?
- is this loss of vision now sudden?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


I did not have follow up teatment after the laser surgery. I tried to locate another doctor because of the way I was treated at the Emory Eye Clinic. My appointment for the surgery was at 2:30 pm. The procedure was about 20 minutes. The doctor gave me a shot in my left eye and put me in this room. When the doctor came back later (I do not know how long I was in the room) and put the laser to my eye to do the laser surgery, I felt pain. The doctor said I could not have felt any pain because I was given the shot for the pain. I took him I was going to leave because I felt pain. Then he left out of the room and came back and gave me another shot in my left eye. I got to the clinic at 1:00 pm and my appontment was for 2:30. I sat in that room until the pain shot had worn off. When I left out of the clinic, it was after 6:00 pm that night. The laser surgery was for the retina in my left eye. I was told I had bursted blood vessels in my left eye due to the diabetes. I tested my blood on Tueday, Marcr 16, 2009 at 1:00 pm. I am out of my test supplies. The reading was 164. I had just finished my lunch.

Expert:  Dr. PG replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for the information.
Based on the information you have given, it seems that either you had a vitreous hemorrhage (bleeding in the vitreous humor i.e. space in front of retina) or a central retinal vein occlusion (occlusion of the main blood vessel draining the retina).
In both the conditions, there is marked decrease in vision. The retinal laser is done to help absorb the blood and to prevent further bleed. Vitreous hemorrhage usually resolves slowly over days. Central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO) takes time to improve depending on the type of CRVO.
It is more than 3 months now since your laser application. You definitely need a follow up with a retina specialist. I can understand that you felt harassed by your previous experience. But at present if a complication is occurring because of the bleed you need to be treated fast. Otherwise you might land up with permanent blindness in the affected eye. Also, if one eye is affected due to diabetes, there are high chances that same complication can occur in the other eye also. You need treatment for the affected eye, along with evaluation of the right eye for need of preventive care. So, if you are not able to get an appointment with another retina specialist, do consider getting an evaluation by your previous treating retina specialist to prevent permanent loss of vision.
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