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I have just experiencedvitreous detachment. The flashing

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I have just experiencedvitreous detachment. The flashing lighs went after half an hour. My eyes have felt "tired" , gritty and watery for maybe 9 months or so. I have had new glasses but the condition persists. I have been taking Ibruprophen more and more regularly in that time to control arthritic pain. I see that a side effect could be disturbance of vision. Should I stop taking Ibruprophen at once? Is ther another anti inflamatory that wuould be safer? Thank you. *****
   I am an Ophthalmologist and would like some more information-
- presently what problem are you having exactly in your eyes - watering, decreased vision etc?
- kindly specify your age and gender?
- besides ibuprofen are you on any other medicines?
- any eye surgeries that have been done?
- are you using any eye drops at present?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am 76 and female. I take an asprin and Amias 16 each day. I can see well but my eyes feel watery and full of grit and as though I haven`t slept. This vitreous detachment only happened last Thursday and I am waiting to see an Eye specialist. I have never had eye problems before.
lt;p>Thanks for the information.</p><p>The feeling of watery eye with grit can be due to-</p><p>- eye allergy - usually this is accompanied by itching in the eyes</p><p>- meibomian gland disease - this is a condition of old age, in which the meibomian glands on the eyelid margins get blocked. These glands secrete the outer lipid layer of our tear film. As a result of absence of the lipid layer the tears do not stay in the eye to forma covering, but get drained away, giving a watery feeling to the eye while the eyeball is dry. The treatment for this is using tear substitutes and to do eyelid massage to open the glands</p><p>Till you are waiting for your appointment with the eye specialist you can use anti-allergy eye drops like zaditor and lubricating eye drops like systane/genteal/refresh tears etc. These are available OTC.</p><p>Regards</p>
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