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i wear soft contact lenses,to be honest ive worn them too long

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i wear soft contact lenses,to be honest ive worn them too long over a long period of time somtimes 18 hours a day,a while ago i fell asleep with them in and woke up with very red eye with large thread veins either side of my eye,i stopped wearing my lenses a month ago,in this time alot of the redness has gone but the veins are still there,sometimes my eye looks quite clear apart from the veins and then somtime i still get a light pink colour on the bottom half of the white area of my eye,will the veins go away,what can i do for my eye?,have tried some over the counter eye drops and they seemed to cause more redness

Hello there

contact lens overuse can cause chronic inflammation and a variant of dry eye.Over the counter topical medicines temporarily relieve the redness but lead to worsening redness once the medicine wears off. You should get in and get a prescription for a mild steroid or possibly restasis to help with the condition. In the meanwhile, you should use preservative free artificial tears (such as Refresh Celluvisc) every 2-3 hours and this will greatly help the condition. I hope this helps, Dr. Stevens

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