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eye eyes seem to change their focus usually watching tv

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I am 50 years old and had an eye exam December 2008. My bifocal perscription changed a little so I ended up with new glasses. However, I have developed a problem where my eyes seem to change their focus usually watching tv or driving (to a focal point closer and lower). It seems like my vision appears like I'm wearing 3D glasses, but not blurred. It does this with or without glasses, and these momentary episodes are becoming more frequent than the original two or three times a day I initially noticed. Could my eyes be crossing at 50. I've tried to describe this problem to my opthamalogist, but he seemed to have no idea. I see him next week. I am growing concerned. And I feel like part of the problem is my inability to describe what is happening clearly.

Hello there

It is something I have heard before and usually has a simple explanation. You see as folks get older, their prescription becomes a bit more nearsighted. In fact people who normally cant read without reading glasses sometimes can read again without glasses, this is often referred to as second sight. The reason this happens is that the eye becomes a bit more nearsighted due to a cataract starting to form (even if it is not ripe enough yet). This in turn leads to occasional symptoms as you describe. If your eyes were beginning to cross, you would actually see two images of things that you are looking at. This is a common condition people have, and usually is not a cause for alarm, I wish you well, Dr. Stevens

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you so much. I feel like you have informed me enough that I can address the issue with my Ophthalmologist.


You are welcome, have a nice day, Dr. Stevens