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You and I have been discussing the comparative

Customer Question

You and I have been discussing the comparative advantages/disadvantages regarding my purchase of a motorhome, campervan or other vehicle in various EU countries (specifically, Spain, Germany, Italy, France and the UK), which are the locations where I would
expect to find the greatest vehicle selection...and you have provided much valuable information regarding those sometimes-complex scenarios. To reiterate, I am a Canadian citizen and resident but do have an Italian passport/citizenship and my future travel
plans involve annual stays of 3 to 7 months travelling in the motorhome to various EU countries (but not staying in any one such country for more than 5 months), with the rest of the year (5 to 9 months) spent in Canada. I have family members in Italy and
it would not be a problem to arrange a rental verification for the 3 to 7 months per year that I would be in Europe travelling in the motorhome. To clarify the scenario where I would purchase the vehicle in Germany but would register/licence-plate/insure it
in Italy: If it did happen that Germany had the best selection/price for the type of motorhome I would be purchasing, I would then favour Germany as the point of sale, with the objective of then personally driving the vehicle, post-sale, to Italy for its permanent
registration, licence-plating and insuring. You had pointed out some negatives (residency-related, etc.) to purchasing/registering/plating a vehicle in Germany but could you just reconfirm that all of those particular negatives woulld be avoided if I merely
purchased the vehicle in Germany and then drove it the short distance to northern Italy for the formal registration/plating/insuring that sequence a reasonable consideration and a straightforward legal process? (If I am, in fact, legally
permitted, post-sale, to personally drive the vehicle to Italy from Germany vs. shipping it there, is there a convenient way to have it insured for that initial drive from Germany to Italy...and must the insurance be from an Italian insurer or could the vehicle
be insured by a German insurer even if it's going to be registered/plated in Italy?) Finally, with regard to the apparent ease and simplicity of both purchasing and registering/plating/insuring the vehicle in Italy--and in order to help me crystallize the
many diverse points you have brought to my attention--do you share my view that, if the vehicle I desire is available in Italy, the most straightforward and practical approach for me would most likely be to purchase the vehicle in Italy (where I'd have easier
physical access and proximity to a service depot for any warranty-related repairs, etc.) and then, of course, for me to also register/licence-plate and insure the vehicle there. Do you see any downside to that "Italy-only" scenario as the location for both
the purchase and subsequent registration/licence-plating (e.g., would Italy impose any sort of minimum-stay requirement during the course of a year?)? I should note that there could be 1-to-3-year intervals in the future when I may not be able to return to
Europe to handle the necessary registration/insurance/plating renewals in person, so it could be that I'd be entirely absent from Italy and Europe for that extended period of time in the future and would hope that that is not a problem...and that, if such
an extended absence on my part from Italy/Europe did occur, I'd be able to arrange the necessary registration or plating and insurance renewals from Canada or by proxy. Does that seem to be the most straightforward approach if I see the vehicle I want there?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: European Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry, this is a duplicate of the question sent just a few moments ago (not sure how that happened)
Expert:  EULawyer replied 1 year ago.

Dear Sir,

This is not a problem. I have flagged it as duplicate and it should be deleted.

I answered on the other question. If it does not get deleted, please just do not rate this one, and it will automatically disappear (expire) in a few days. You will not be charged for it. It will have no effect on me.


Dr Ioan-Luca Vlad