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INC, Solicitor-Advocate
Category: European Law
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Experience:  LL.B, LPC, LL.M, Pg.Dip, Solicitor-Advocate. UK Practising Certificate issued by SRA., DIFC Courts Registered (Dubai)
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Victim form a Romanian woman with malignant narcissistic personality

Customer Question

Victim form a Romanian woman with malignant narcissistic personality disorder.
Hello there to legal advice, I'm a Australian resident who conversed with a Romanian woman over christmas. Over that period I became the victim of gaslighting and psychological molestation by which i was psychologically compromised and still trying to recover from. It was performed on me via skype but in foresight (knowing something didn't quite feel right, but didn't know what) I recorded the conversation with a skype recorder freeware app.
Question is with the evidence I accumulated what are the laws criminal or civilian in the EU regarding victims of narcissistic rage and the perpetrator of them. are there any freedom of or violation of human rights laws for victims for instance?
Would like to say to say thank you in advance and would appreciate any advice for direction regarding this,
With regards,
Jay W
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: European Law
Expert:  José M. replied 2 years ago.
Hi thereThe evidence you got will be considered at court if you sue her.This kind of evidence is legalYoiu will need to contract a local attorney when she resides an sue her at court for damages Thank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hello there Jose M

and thank you for replying.

So from what I'm gathering this is not a criminal event? are there laws in the EU to convict her for psychological molestation with malicious intent on the civil freedom of self?

ok if not this is a civil law suit instead? if so could you so kind to point me in the direction of known cases there outcomes and what civil laws (site links as well if possible) she could be sued with? thanking again,

with regards Jay

Expert:  José M. replied 2 years ago.
Is a criminal event in some cases but not mostOnly when the damage is visible is a criminal factFor most cases is a civil action or a criminal not oublic action what the victim has to use againts the authorI think that in your case, a denounce will be rejected and not studiedIf you want to go for her contract a local attorney and make sure you will win Thank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

hello Jose M could you elaborate on what you mean by "a denounce will be rejected and not studied" is this something to do with being present in the court? thanks

Expert:  José M. replied 2 years ago.
Public prosecutor will not follow your denounce I mean. No in most cases. Public prosecutor only follows criminal public facts. So no in your case. You will need a personal criminal action guided by a atorney paid for you. You do not need to be present at court as your atorney could manage by a power of atorney in civil actionThank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

ok thank you for clarifying a bit further. It would be helpful to know if there are court records for malignant narcissistic rage - gaslighting cases somewhere on line so I can research more about going ahead with legal action, thanks.

Expert:  José M. replied 2 years ago.
No as long as I know in english as for freeJurisprudence in spain is not public and you have to pay forThank youI gently ask for a good rate of the serviceThank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

ok, thanking you for your time is was most appreciated,

with regards,


Expert:  Thegonnec replied 2 years ago.
I may add to the learned Spanish expert's answer, that it is unlikely that you would find any jurisprudence in any EU country relating to the facts above as they are unlikely to ever get to court. No charges would be brought by prosecuting services.I may also add that, had the facts been prosecutable, any recording made outside a procedural frame, and without the defendant knowing about it and agreeing to it, would have no value whatsoever in a court of law.
Expert:  José M. replied 2 years ago.
Hi again Jay, I could not reach you question beforeCharges are always when we could probe damages. In the other hand you could get compensation for themSo, civil way willbe better that criminal court/wayThank youPlease do not forget to rate positively my serviceThank you
Expert:  José M. replied 2 years ago.
Hi JayI can see you reach my answerIf you do not have further questions I would like you rate positvely my serviceIts the way the site pays the expertHave a good day

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