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Dear Claire, the Respondent solicitor wants me to provide him

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Dear Claire, the Respondent solicitor wants me to provide him with a bundle of documents, my barrister said I need to provide him with an index but I could find out how much it is to print it and send it to him.i only have a small home office printer and there are two medium size black folders and a huge one, printing for me is not convenient because I have just done mine and the court ones and he should have asked for it earlier, also my daughter is off school now and printing and filing again is going to be difficult time for me.
Cartridges are £57 and I might need two plus I believe 2/3 packs of paper, I d have to leave my daughter in a place Center for 1-2 days agin is £30, plus there is my time and the postage.honestly is not going to be convenient. Do I have to provide him with it? My barrister said I don t but it would be better if I did. Can he ask for an adjournment if he doesn t have it? Can I charge for my time? Asking for £200 would it be too much? I did ask him what reasonable printing charges this would be, but he did not reply.
Many thanks dear Claire.
For the previous question, I have sent documents for translation and I will show the judge what a scheme he and the appointed valuer have organised, I went to the apple store today and yes, basically i received a replacement iPhone, because mine was unreparable, and when I started it I was asked if I wanted to back it up from icloud or iTunes, not having a pc with me I decided to back it up from icloud and I was installed my husbands email account on it, as last year he often used my iPhone for his emails and the application had been saved on icloud! This is how I discovered the scheme.but would the judge be angry at me for going through the mails?
Thank you
Thank you for your question
In fact all you need to do is provide the Index - and a quote of £200 if he wishes you to do it - payable in advance.
technically you should not have searched through the emails which is why you need to rely more on the conversation you had with the valuer yourself
I hope that this is of assistance - please ask if you need further details
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
But what will happen now that I have searched through those emails? It is my only witness,, I have sent them to be translated I can also prove the respondent lied to the court and has frustrated the marriage, lets not forget he has prevented the course of justice!
What can the judge do to me?
The worst that will happen is that the Judge will ignore the evidence - but hopefully he will accept it
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