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We have custody given by the Judge Educactive for 1 year. for

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We have custody given by the Judge Educactive for 1 year. for our grandaughter who is three. We are not at all happy with how things are being dealt with, our son and his girlfriend are not capable of looking after our grandaughter, and there seems to be little being done. We have serous issues with her safety and our only course of action seems to be asking for permanent custody of her. 80 percent of her life has been spent with us.What are our rights and can we get free legal help as we do not think we can pay the costs?

You could denounce the facts and the riskes in the court who gives the sentence you got, in order to let them know
They will study the case and will decide what will be better for the grandaughter but its probbaly that you need to contract a solicitor to get the custody

But if you you have probes of the facts and the riskes for her, go ahead and put the denounce in the court. The important thing for the court is that hte minor has no riskes, so put the denounce, gives the probes, and wait to be call to the court
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