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If a builder in spain advertises on his website that he guarantees

Customer Question

If a builder in spain advertises on his website that he guarantees his work. Is this enforceable? an if he refuses is this misleading advertising under EU Consumer and Marketing Law?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: European Law
Expert:  José M. replied 4 years ago.

Abogado3044 :


Abogado3044 :

Whatever he says the law gives you some rights

Abogado3044 :

As a regular law the consumer has 2 years of warante

Abogado3044 :

In builts the waranty its 10 tears in the frame and constructions

Abogado3044 :

This consumers rights are no able to be avoid even with the sign of the consumer

Abogado3044 :

Even when the consumer signs to be agree againts his rights he can no do that, and the waranty remains even with his sign againts it

Abogado3044 :

And of course the publicity its a public offer of the builder

Abogado3044 :

If the builder offer more warranty that the law he will be forced to give it as he signs it

Abogado3044 :

You can write if you got more doubts

Expert:  justiceb4all replied 4 years ago.

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if a builder, who is part of the European Union advertises on his website, or anywhere else for that matter, that he guarantees his work, he is obligated to stand behind his work and his advertisement. If he does not, it is considered unfair and deceptive practices by a merchant and it violates the following Directives of the European Economic Community in that it constitutes unfair "business to consumer commercial practices. The Consumer Marketing Law is not the first attempt at protection for the consumer. You can click on the link to read some of the history behind consumer protection



SI 134/1988 (European Communities (Misleading Advertising) Regulations, 1988),






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