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José M.
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hello sir/madam i am abbasali virani and i have married to

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hello sir/madam
i am abbasali virani and i have married to a belgium girl in spain and i have a certificte of the marriage .it is a relegious marriage
in belgium it is accepted and how much time it is going to take
thank you

Abogado3044 : Hi
Abogado3044 : As ussual the certificates are valids always and they are in the same time as they are presented
Abogado3044 : As It is from an a CEE country it will be valid at the same time you will presented in the civil register
Abogado3044 : Take the certificate to the closer civil register and they will acept it and Its value will be at the same time you send to them
Abogado3044 : The validity becomes as soon as you take it and fill it in the civil register
Customer: but i am living in belgium now
Abogado3044 : Then, take it to the civil register in Belgium
Customer: what about belgium
Customer: they will accept it
Abogado3044 : Its valid in Belgiun, as the same it is valid here in Spain
Abogado3044 : Sure, they will accept it
Abogado3044 : It has the same validity than in spain
Customer: but i have married in first month of 2013
Abogado3044 : Or even you could send it first to the closer spoanish consulate in order to get validity first here in spain, which its automaticaly and once in the spanish civil register send it to the belgium one
Abogado3044 : Did you register it in Spain?
Abogado3044 : In the spanish civil register?
Customer: it is religious marriage
Abogado3044 : You really do not have to register in spain as neither of you are spanish
Abogado3044 : The validity in spain of the religiuos marrieage becomes as soon it comes into the civil register
Customer: i am not spanish
Abogado3044 : Ok, so you can not register it in spain, so you have to do it in belgium and you can do it in the same way as in Spain
Abogado3044 : I think they will no make problems to register it in Belgium
Customer: ok thats good
Customer: my wife is belgium national
Abogado3044 : Well, then you have to register the certificate in the civil register there
Abogado3044 : And the validity will be the same as in Spain and as soon as you register it there
Customer: where
Abogado3044 : In the Belgium civil regiter
Abogado3044 : The register in belgium where do you have to register all marriages and divorce sentences
Customer: what documents we have to submit
Abogado3044 : Ussualy the pasport or ID cards, the marriage certificate, Birth certificate, and in your case as no belgiam, you will need from your own country the certificate as you are an unmarried person
Customer: ok
Abogado3044 : Thank you for trusting on us
Abogado3044 : have a good day
Customer: bye
Abogado3044 : Thank you for making a good rate of my service Sir
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hello sir r u there



Yes I am on line now

You could ask whatever you need and I will answer it asap

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