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José M.
José M., Attorney
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My question is:I am Greek leaving in Athens Greece. I have

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My question is:
I am Greek leaving in Athens Greece. I have a business dispute with an Austrian firm based in Vienna Austria. Can an American lawyer represent my interests in the Commercial Court of Vienna? Is this admissible by the Austrian legislation?
I am an international EU policies consultant and had a contract for 315 working days over 2 years in Croatia with the above mentioned firm. The contract was effectuated only for 60 working days because of wrong doing of the firm (This is my view). I would claim to be paid for the rest, which makes an amount of € 175000.
Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi Sir

There are 2 chance to get the applicable laws

First one the one that the parts in the contract had marked on it as applicable. Check the contract.

Second one, if the contract say anything about it, the law of the place of the residence of the demanded person

Thank you

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The applicable law is the Austrian one and the court is the Commercial Court of Vienna. Can an American lawyer represent me? If not an American, can a lawyer from a EU Member State do it?

Thank you

In fact he could, but he has to know the Austrian law and to inscribe himself in Viena as a lawyer, so the facts will say thay he will have a lot of problems to do it

Problems that with money he could solve, but I think its easier to contract another lawyer in Viena

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My intention is to offer to the lawyer a substantial part of the amount that will be obtained by me applying the decision of the Court. This might compensate satisfactorily the lawyer for his expenses and efforts. I will try to contact non Austrian Law firms for that. I did contacted some Austrian firms in regard and the answer I got is that the Austrian Lawyers would not accept an agreement as I intend it.

I thank you for your advise. In case you may suggest something further, I will be happy to consider it.



Its a good idea.

There are internationals firms that could help you

And the best way to find a US lawyer working there its toask in your own consulate in Viena

Please tomake a good rate of my service

I will be here if needed

Thank you

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