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One of my husbands best friends since childhood (over 45

Customer Question

One of my husbands best friends since childhood (over 45 years) has a daughter getting married next year and it will be a destination wedding. Now my husband really does not want to go all the way across the country for a wedding but its his best friends daughter but he feels he should be invited. For one, he invited his friend and his his friends wife on a european vacation he planned last year that included others from their college years. He also invited them to our wedding 3 years ago and the attended the surprise birthday party i threw for my husband last spring. Some of their mutual friends have received "save the dates" and we have not. There is no shortage of money with this guy and he and his wife didnt get us a wedding gift!
JA: The Etiquette Expert will know what to do. Is there anything else the Etiquette Expert should be aware of?
Customer: yes, my husband wants to confront his friend and tell him he is upset for the non invite. His friend is married to woman who is not warm at all and who has snubbed my husband for years and who wears the pants in the family. Ever since his friend married this woman he has not had the same relationship but he knows and loves their kids and is very hurt about being left out.
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Etiquette
Expert:  JohnACM replied 1 month ago.
I am guessing the friend has no idea an invite was not sent. The wife may very well be the culprit. There would be nothing wrong with making a call or sending a note to the friend asking if it was oversight. He might even tell him he wasn't necessarily planning on attending, but did want to send a card, but didn't want to be presumptuous. If the friend is offended by this, it just lets him know where he stands. No loss. Does that make sense?
Expert:  JohnACM replied 1 month ago.
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