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Rev Dr August Abbott
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I am flying right now from Chicago to Miami, and my question

Customer Question

Hi, I am flying right now from Chicago to Miami, and my question has to do with an incident at the security check line. I had it all ready in a handbag for security check including belt, watch, cell in the bag, loosen shoe laces, just ready. And this guy in front of me was taking his time getting his stuff in the little tray etc while the whole tables and rolling belt were empty in front of him... Since I was ready to go and was right behind him I went ahead and skipped him, put my bag, shoes and jacket on the tray and moved on. Then he approached to ask if I always cut people off on lines. I answered I didn't mean to offend just wanted to keep things moving and since I was ready, etc. He asked why the hurry if we were all going to the same place. I apologized and offered him to jump ahead of me. He said it was ok and stayed behind me. My question is if it is impolite to do what I did. I still struggle to understand why I should keep waiting for someone holding a line at security check where things are supposed to move fast when I was all set to go... Any thoughts ? Thank you for your attention. Celso.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Etiquette
Expert:  Rev Dr August Abbott replied 1 year ago.

Oh please do not shoot this messenger ok? The gentleman had the decisive point in that you were both going to the same place, leaving at the same time no matter who boarded first or last. As frustrating as it was, and believe me, I know exactly how you felt, according to propriety you had only two options: First, ask the gentleman if he would mind you going ahead of him since you were already prepared for this, or you should have bit your tongue, take multiple deep - calming breaths and waited.

You did, however, do the right thing in apologizing to the fellow and even offering him a spot ahead of you.

Again, I fully empathize with what you felt. I loathe those checkpoints along with everyone else and I'm also one of those people who approach them prepared to glide on through. When I'm backed up/slowed down by a newbie to the whole thing, I entertain my thoughts with wondering where the novices are from and how exciting this must be for them while also being a little intimidating.

Composing 'to do' lists in my mind or updating my song list for new downloads once I get my phone back are other distractions.

I hope the rest of your trip was uneventful and dare I say, 'relaxing' ?

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