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Rev Dr August Abbott
Rev Dr August Abbott, Adult Etiquette Pro
Category: Etiquette
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Experience:  40 yrs: Etiquette teacher,Formal event officiate, announcement author, minister
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Black tie wedding...ceremony is at 2, reception is at 5:30

Customer Question

black tie wedding...ceremony is at 2, reception is at 5:30 black tie...what to wear to church?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Etiquette
Expert:  Rev Dr August Abbott replied 1 year ago.

For the church you should dress for a 'holiday' service. In years past, as recently as the '60-70's, ALL church services found ladies and gentlemen dressed in their "Sunday best", but of course times have changed. Not sure of your age, but if you don't recall those bygone days we're talking a suit or at least a suit jacket for the men and modest dress or 'office' wear for ladies.

Now, the guideline for gentlemen for the actual black tie event:

Black tuxedo with pleated front or stiff wing collar white shirt


Black bow tie,‭ ‬black cummerbund‭ (‬remember the pleats face‭ ‘‬up‭’)


Dark cufflinks such as onyx


Black shiny shoes,‭ ‬black dress socks


Please use the 'reply' button if I can offer anything further or if you need any clarification. I'm here to help for as long as you need me

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