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Second opinion] - My parents purchased land in FL in the

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Second opinion] - My parents purchased land in FL in the 1960s or 1970s as investments. They are deceased with my father dying in 1998. My brother is trustee. How can I find out the status of these 2 lots? I know the location of one property but cannot remember the name of the town of the second.

Good Evening. My name is ***** ***** I am a licensed Florida attorney. There are 67 counties in Florida. What you need to do is go to each counties tax collectors website and do a real property tax search in your parents name. You may also go to each counties clerk of the court official records website and search for a deed in your parents name. Even if the property was in a trust name, your parents last name should be in the records.

Please let me know if you need a list of the counties in Florida.

Once you are able to locate the second property, you will be able to see how it is titled, such is in your parents name or in the name of a trust. If the property is in your parents name then an estate will need to be opened. If the property is held in a trust then the trustee needs to distribute the proeprty according to the terms of the trust.

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