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Our inheritance was not declared to children except for two

Customer Question

Our inheritance was not declared to children except for two an mother and son-in-law. Nobody revealed how much there was, and on sister divied it up to her own first. Nothing was declared to siblings. I wanted to call County Court House in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ont, Ca, and butler wills and estates. No response was ever supplied. I want to know what I can still do, for the whole inheritance was just given to the youngest without any regard to any laws. I am from Germany and my oldest sister took it upon herself to just say she gets it all and the rest get 4% from the old house that was sold years before. The place they lived was not counted. Also we paid out of Can $ 4,000.00 -$900.00 to lawyer. Do not know for what. The whole matter is just theft and lies completely. Can you tell me who to talk to.
Thank you, ***** ***** respond yes or no. Regards ***** *****
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Estate Law
Expert:  LawyerDavid replied 1 year ago.

Emma - I am really sorry you are going through this difficult situation. I am reading your question and doing some research and will respond in a few minutes. Thanks, David

Expert:  LawyerDavid replied 1 year ago.

Emma - as I understand your question there was a will declared and you had a lawyer already working on your behalf to try and resolve the issues. My suggestion is to immediately contact the lawyer who was suppossed to be assisting you to understand exactly what they did and why the estate was given out in the manner was divided. If that lawyer does not give you sufficient information I would demand your money back from that attorney and call a new one. A firm that I would suggest you contact is here:

Unfortunately, estate matters can be very complicated and I think you need to have someone explain to you in detail what happened after they have reviewed the will in detail so you can come to some sort of peace with the situtation. Without all of the information it is very difficult for me to provide you with a solid response. I am going to offer you a phone call with me so you can explain everything you know about the situation and then I can give you better advise once I fully understand the situation. I will offer the phone call at a discount since you are already paying for this question and answer discussion. If I do not get to talk to you I hope what is provided helps you know what to do and I wish you all the best. David

Expert:  LawyerDavid replied 1 year ago.

Dear Em: I hope that I helped you with your question and concerns with my response. These situations can be very complicated but I believe we can talk through the issue and give you very solid direction with a call or possibly follow up here. Please also remember to provide me with a rating on the site so I can get credit for the time we spend on your issue. Thanks, David