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Customer Question

my aunt gave me POLICY MY GRAND PARENTS TOOK OUT ON MY MOTHER . MY GRandparents were the beneficiaries they passed first , then my uncle got power of attorney and he passed my aunt was his inherited his estate, she gave it to me i am her only closet blood relative , other than my father , the policy was 1000 whole life took out in 1974 my mother passed in 2002, the policy was sold to another company United life insurance , its a keller company i got all my grand parents death certifactes and my mothers sent them in then they want the funeral bill , my father paid for it so they tell me im not the legal aire to my mothers estate insurances benefits and tell me its the face value 1000 is all the policy is worth when whole life accumulates cash value and interest, the rates are on the policy on a chart . my father stole the policy and said he was the rightfull aire cause marriage but my grandparents took it out and paid the premiums so jist wonder what do i need to do and if a lawyer can shed some light on this for me. i have gotten an inheritance befor from my mothers side and i was the the rightfull aire by blood. my brother sells annuities and life insurance but he would not help me for some reasun
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Estate Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

The insurance company is wrong. They are not in a position to declare that you are not your mother's heir because you did not pay the funeral bills. Also, they do not have any right to see the funeral bills. That is not relevant to your claim.

You would need to file complaint with your State's Insurance Commissioner against the insurance company for refusing to pay your claim. You can Google your State's Insurance Commissioner. Almost all State Insurance Commissioners have websites where you can file complaint online.

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