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I am a co trustee, with a sibling, on my mothers estate. She

Customer Question

I am a co trustee , with a sibling, on my mothers estate. She died in 2014. Her estate could not be settled until the sale of her home in Dec. 2015. At her death, there was only $8000.00 in insurance, the payment from the sale of her home of approx. 16,000, and stock of 6400.00. So far a total of approximatly $30,400. All other funds were expended prior to her death and covered monthly expenses on her home, repairs utilities, nursing home expenses, my travel and anything necessary under my Power of Attorney.
I have been threatened, had my job threatened and been accused of everything imaginable and now sued by a sibling who thought there was substantial money to get upon my mothers death. to keep peace until the estate is settled I did a spread sheet of all money in my moms account prior and up to her death. I sent cancelled checks, account balances, receipts that show me having a loss personally of no less than $26,000.00. I even paid out the funds of 2000.00 each to three nieces totally 6000.00 and 1430.0 to the sibling suing me just to keep peace. After doing a spread sheet that shows the money came from my pocket. it was not enough for her so I threatened to file an extortion criminal case against. her. She has not stopped and is now suing me.
There are NO funds and and the receipts and bills indicate that.
I t seems that under probate law I am not only entitled to a fee, but, also reasonable expenses. when i paid out funds to her and the the others there went my fee. I'd like it back.
I know I need to counter sue her to stop her. But I would like a lawyer to do this. I live in another state and she recently won a lawsuit for $300,000 in California. It makes no sense that she would spend up her 300,000 trying to get money that does not exist. My moms nursing home alone was 53,000. I need questions answered but I also need a recommendation for a lawyer. Thanks
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Estate Law
Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 1 year ago.

Please ask your questions. I will assist.

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