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Bill Fix
Bill Fix, Attorney
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Bill, I have. a few more questions. My husband signed over

Customer Question

Bill, I have. a few more questions. My husband signed over his rights to his family trust to his mother during witch he was drinking heavy and depressed because his father had died. We were living a home that the was going to buy from the mother and father. They bought us the house and was going let his inheritance pay them back. After the father and my husband signed his mother as conservator to his trust she kicked us out of the home and made the other two sister, one only half sister his trustees. Since then my husband got rehab and has been sober for two years. They treat as a child and the allows. My husband made 100% beneficiary and we believe the mother changed it and made his the benifcuary they will give him a copy of the trust. Can he hire an attorney to have it reversed and prove he sign his in control under duress? Since he was drinking and living in her home at the we never she would treat us this way. They will allow him to provide for myself and my two boys who he has been their stepfather for 15 years the as my father in law provided for his step daughter. It feels so unfair. Also can my husband choose his beneficiary of his trust regardless of his and the trustees say. Do they have more control the choice of the beneficiary than he does? please help us....
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Estate Law
Expert:  Bill Fix replied 1 year ago.
If your husband has set up his own trust, he can choose his beneficiaries. At this point though, I'm not sure whether your husband has set up his own trust, or if you're referring to the trust set up by his parents...I think your best move is to consult with a local attorney there in Missouri who deals with trusts. He/she can best advise you on your options and what you might be able to undo. I don't know that the details there will really support your claim of signing under duress, but there may still be some options for you.If you don't know any attorneys, you could check with the local bar or Missouri Bar Association for a referral. Or search for trust attorneys in your area. Avvo will display details, peer reviews, and client reviews for each attorney so you can make an informed decision. Good luck.