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We separated February 2015 but lived under the same roof but

Customer Question

We separated February 2015 but lived under the same roof but in different rooms in which he was talking to other females and having inappropriate conversation on the phone. He also got on a website in which he was having inappropriate conversation with at that time and meant up with a female in Savannah with our son. Finding out in this whole process is was receiving inappropriate pictures on the home computer of another female in which checking phone calls and accounts spent the weekend in Macon where she lives.During all this time we have not yet decided to file for divorced and was not clear where it was going. He continue to go out on lunch dates with another women while I was dealing with medical issues.I decided to move out in August. During that time while he was in JRTC he was making contact with two other women. In the case he was texting our son and letting him know that can't wait to do things with you and mom. When he return from JRTC he already was making plans to link up with another woman in which our son was introduce to.Phone records showed on September 22, 2015 he starting talking with woman at work. At that time I still had access to our phone account and house. I ask him and he stated to me he was talking to Ms. Johnson and was making plans to see her. They meant up on October 30 and she stayed at our house in which our son was introduced to her. Since I still had access to our house I find her belonging in the bedroom including clothes and personal items in the bathroom. I asked my husband at the time why was her things was in our bedroom and bathroom he said she needed things to change into when came up. Understand that we didn't talked about filing for divorce. I know he was spending money and time in Hinesville and Savannah with her on the weekends because he was using our joint checking. Also during that time I checked his phone and saw a text messge from her stated she enjoy lying in bed and waking up to him. Which he was upset and took the cell phone and though it in the back seat in our Jeep.During the month of November I had neck surgery I went back to the house to stay the night to leave the next day for Captain McIntosh to take me to the hosptial in which I asked if I could come home. He stated NO and then I asked when was the last time you had sexual relations and he stated last weekend with the other women. I asked is that the reason because you already replace me. He never responded.During Thanksgiving he went down to her house in Florida with our son. I was calling him to let him know I went in the hospital and his reply what do you want me to do about it I'm with my girlfriend and her family with our son in Florida. Our son stated they stayed at her house where he stayed his own room and his dad was staying in the other room with her.During Christmas he was using our joint account to buy this woman Christmas gifts. He stayed a week with her and her family and left me and our son home. When he returned he stay home three days and then stared that she invited him to go camping with her and her family for the new year eve and day.My daughter and her husband was staying at the house during the time where they witness this woman staying at the house in the same room with my husband and spending from a couple of days to a week while he was at work. He also was using our joint account to buy her dinner and personal items.Once I moved out he asked for the keys and the garage door opener to our house in January. In which he turn around and gave them to his girlfriend.
During the month of February I got a call from my daughter that she needed to go to the hosptial. When I came in the house she came out of our bed room wrapped in a blanket and said that I was not suppose to come over to the house unless he was notified. She stated he will be called.March 2016 I was moving my daughter out of my son to be ex house in which we both witness his girlfriend and him at the house. Her and him just got back from coming in town from lunch in which she went straight into his bedroom. While cleaning up they both stayed in the bedroom together. I knock on the bedroom door to let him know to inspect the bedroom and bathroom. I notice upon opening the door she was lying in our bed.At that point I had enough of his lying and he stated though this whole thing they were just friends. I had enough of him getting away with all this evidence that I asked him about and still until my point of contact he still stated that the proof I had wouldn't hold up.My point of contact to complain was chain commander in which he inform me to contact Social Services. During my time talking to Social worker, my soon to be ex was calling and texting stating it would be in my best interest to pick up and answer.What is your advise to me?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Estate Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
First of all, you should not waste time turning him into his command for adultery, which could cause him disciplinary issues and loss of pension and other benefits which are marital property and you can get a share of in a divorce.
Second, you should be hiring a local divorce attorney and filing for divorce and seeking to get your marital share of all of the property and also spousal support based on his adultery. You need to be pursuing him in divorce court over this where you would get a marital percentage of all of his military benefits, including his pension when he retires. That should be your course of action here instead of worrying about reporting him to the base command or anyone else. Just pursue this through the divorce court and cut all contact with your soon to be ex.

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