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My Grand-Mother, Mrs. Adela Hewlett, the mother of my mother:

Customer Question

My Grand-Mother, Mrs. Adela Hewlett, the mother of my mother: Mrs.Frantz Maurrasse Saint-Cyr left an Empire: HP Computer Manufacturer Company, Inc. located at Palo Alto, California; a Company selling their products, computers etc..worldwide. This company is now in Governance by some consorsium. It is a matter of fact, I am her natural, direct heir, because my mother, in direct line of inheritance; being her first born child, is first in line, in her will and heritage. This NEVER took place. Therefore, I am claiming my right. I remember, in when my mother and I were living at : 250 West 100th Street, WHITEHALL HOTEL, Manhattan, NYC , Room#1108, Mrs. Adela Hewlett, my grand-mother, sent a secret agent to knock at our door and delivered the message :" She was wealthy and will leave her a fortune, in her will". Life went on. Both principals passed away. Noting materialized. Therefore, at this point and time, at age 84 +, it is only fair and just for me to re-candle this matter and CLAIM my rightful share of the HEMPIRE my grand-mother,
Mrs. Adela Hewlett left behind,growing second by second, worldwide. For such, I need an EXpert in such field, in order to validate my claim accordingly. Please feel free to contact me, at your earliest convinience.
Respectfully yours,
Mr. Max Saint-Cyr, MBA
Direct-heir of Mrs. Adela Hewlett, my Grand-mother. April 28-2016 Time:10:19AM-EST
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Estate Law
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.
what can I answer for you about this situation?