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The theft of a multi-million dollar estate by ding away the

Customer Question

The theft of a multi-million dollar estate by hiding away the “Last Will and Testament”
Summary/Preamble: Fraudulent (& more?) California attorneys kept a woman’s “Last Will and Testament” away from the California Probate Court against California Law. These two fraudulent attorneys then brought the Will to Arizona to sell property to which they had no ownership. Yet the Arizona realtors, Title Company, Arizona lawyers, Arizona Courts, all conspired to help these lawyers take illegal possession of the Arizona property. The Arizona legal system completely ignored a woman’s Will and her/its Executor creating a completely corrupt scenario. A will is a binding legal document, this one’s Executor has never “Declined to Serve” the Will has always been kept from her and perhaps that is why the “Probate” is still not closed in California, nor in Arizona, and there has never been an “Accounting” in either state. (NC Executor, CA Will, issues in CA, AZ and NV.)
“Wills” are known WW and have hundreds of years of history. “Wills” are a legally binding document. “Wills” in California are required to be presented to the “Probate Court” of the Jurisdiction where the deceased passed away. You can go on the WWW and find MILLIONS of “links” on “Wills,” so in concept “Wills” mean something. In books, movies, on television and elsewhere you are constantly reading, seeing, and hearing that “Wills” are important, are valued, are to be revered, paid attention to, even ones that are many years old are referred to on occasion. Recently “” announced that they have put into their files, reference and research, 170 million pages of Wills and Estate Documents. All of this tells me “Wills” MEAN SOMETHING!
Here is my problem, here is my question, and I’ve been attempting to get justice for a woman’s “Last Will and Testament” since May 2009: (all the following in bullets are proved by documents or by the proof via the passage of time and/or the actual happenings in the case) I have been dealing with an attorney in Phoenix since February 2013, he says he’ll help many a time, but nothing happens. My fear is I have heard more than once that the legal system in Phoenix is corrupt! And what has happened there (in this case) has certainly not contradicted that theory. How do I get this issue addressed between the corruption of the legal systems in two states and an Arizona lawyer that has said time and again that he’ll help, and after two years he HAS NOT filed a case. In February 2013 we gave him a check, maybe a year later I said return the money if he couldn’t help he could return the money, he said he was still noodling on it, or words to that affect. (99.99% of our dealings are in emails, so all is verifiable, including the documents attached to those emails)
There is a second attorney in Phoenix, AZ that took our money. He said in the get-go that he would not “deal” with the Arizona issues, but that he would write letters to the California side. I also have emails betwixt him and I. In one of them he mentions a case in which he was involved with AZ opposition and stated; “I had a crisis hit with another client – you want to talk about a corrupt system? Wait till I tell you about what happened to her.” Never did hear what happened, he never did get back to me.
Now, California where Fraud & Criminal Conspiracy against a “Last Will & Testament” started.
• A woman passed away in California in March 2009, she had a Will, and the Will named her daughter a resident of North Carolina as her Executor.
• The “Trust” Attorney that authored the Will and the Family Trust ignored the NAMED Executor, refused her contact attempts and gave the Estate over to a son-in-law attorney, whom the Testator did not want in control of her Estate. (Passage of time has proved the testator to be correct!)
• “Son-in-law” attorney made “Trust” attorney the attorney for the Trust. “Trust” attorney got “Son-in-law” attorney named as “Trustee” in February 2010.
o They DID NOT bring the Will to the Court in violation of California Law. The Will was/is a “Pour-Over-Will” therefore the “Trust” was an empty vessel.
• The Executor of the Will proved in Court submissions that the Will existed. She and her mother’s “Last Will and Testament” were ignored by the Court and everyone else. (“Pleading” documents and “Court Call”)
• We were told the withholding of the Will from the Court by the two attorneys is/was Fraud. They were assisted in this endeavor by the Executor’s siblings, which I believe to be Criminal Conspiracy.
o It took me until July 2013 for a California Probate Attorney to tell me these attorneys have committed Fraud and I that I had the proof thereof. (courtesy of Just
o I wrote repeatedly to the Santa Clara County District Attorney, with my “proof” only to be ignored, as were all contact attempts to the Probate Court. (and more)
• Nearly six years later, there has never been an “Accounting” and the Probate has never been closed. Since the Will was hidden away these attorneys used the California “Heggstad Petition” (a California tool) to liberate the Estate’s California assets. (Incidentally 02 May 2009 the Executor lost her entire family as the lawyers and siblings put the above into action, she has heard from none since better than six years later.)
Now, onward to Arizona, Phoenix in particular.
• The attorney Frauds form California put Arizona Estate property up for Sale. The Title Company says they have no ownership right, as they were not owners of the property. (They had hidden away the Will in California if you recall.)
• The Title Company put them onto an Arizona legal firm. (Instead of communicating with the Executor/owner of the property.)
• The Arizona legal firm communicated with the Executor via email. Told her she needed to sign papers, told her he and his firm would be her attorneys, told her she would be Executor of the Estate. Told her that he could not make her sibling Executor unless she “Declined to Serve” but it would take time and there was a buyer in the wings.
• The Testator’s NAMED Executor signed the documents provided by the Arizona attorney acting as her attorney. She was now Executor per that attorney and his firm and the sale was processed.
• The Executor wrote a letter to HER Arizona attorney that she was going to hold onto the sale proceeds until the Frauds had, under “Fiduciary Duty” covered the losses incurred by them on the sale of the property by holding on to it as its value dropped.
• The Executor’s Arizona attorney instead of responding to the Executor (in any form, with any message) filed with the Court papers in favor of his TRUE CLIENTS the Frauds from California.
• The Court’s “Commissioner” said the papers drawn up by the Executor’s attorney were above and beyond Arizona law i.e. illegal, that they were created only to give her the “power” to sell the property, but not to really make her “Executor” of her mother’s estate as her mother had desired. I believe the Arizona lawyer committed Fraud as he led the Executor down illegal paths and I’d be thinking it is also Legal Malpractice as he was not really working for the Executor’s interests as he had informed her he would be doing.
• The Court’s “Commissioner” “fired” the Executor’s attorneys as being “unethical” leaving her deprived of legal representation. The firm had some 60 attorneys, he did not have them send another to represent their client. Note, the firm did not send over another attorney to represent their client either. He did not report them to the County Attorney for committing Fraud, he did not report them to “the Bar” for being unethical. Instead he “labeled” and filed against the Executor blaming her for doing what her “unethical” and fraudulent lawyer told her to do. The Executor’s erstwhile attorneys disappeared without another word.
• The fraudulent attorneys from California got one of the Criminal Conspirator siblings named as Executor of the Will! The NAMED Executor never, never ever, “Declined to Server” yet the Arizona Court made the sibling “Executor.” This allowed the sibling to “liberate” estate assets in other states, assets the fraudulent attorneys had not been able to get hold of since they had hidden the “Last Will and Testament” away in California, against California law, yet allowed by the California Probate Court! WHY DID THEY NOT GET THE NAMED EXECUTOR NAMED AS THE EXECUTOR BY THE COURT? DO YOU NOT THINK, DO YOU NOT SEE THAT THERE IS SOMETHING EXTREMELY WRONG WITH THE HANDLING OF THIS CALIFORNIA ESTATE FROM THE VERY BEGINNING??!!
• Please recall the “Commissioner” said the documents provided by the fraudulent Arizona attorney were above and beyond AZ Law. That they were only created to get the “Executor” to sell the property, but, not to make her a genuine Executor as the testator had intended. This most certainly means the “sale” of the property to the Canadians was illegal, therefore, non-existent, and the Canadians do not legally own the property!
• Another thing, in/around May 2014 we received a letter stating that if Criminal Conspirator Executor Hanchett did not perform her “Executor” duties in the following 60 days (more or less) that the Court would create a new Executor. A “Commissioner” in an AZ Court is a temporary seat, they do the “day-to-day” for a Judge. Undoubtedly the successor of Nothwehr saw the fraud of Nothwehr, we have not heard a word, or read a word, since that letter of approximately May 2014!
I have been attempting to get legal representation on this issue for years! We live in NC and as you see this has roots in NC, CA, AZ and NV. I have reached out to many, I need guidance, I need a “next step” I need a contact! I have read on the FBI’s site they look into corruption, I am certain we see it in CA and AZ! I’ve seen this can be handled in Federal Court, where do I find an attorney that can do? I did write a “Federal” attorney locally, but, in two weeks have not received a phone call, an email, a letter or any sign of interest. I’ve attempted contacts via the State Bars of both California and Arizona, get no interest. In the past I reached out to attorneys in California and Arizona, get ignored or some lame excuse as to why they can’t “take the case” and how can it be the Arizona lawyer(s) strings me along for two years? I suspect it has a great deal to do with the legal corruption in Phoenix, AZ but what the HELL! I’ve attempted contact with the FBI, aren’t they supposed to be interested in corruption? Interstate theft of a multi-million dollar estate? Property sold in one state by corrupt attorneys from another state? And furthermore, “sold” illegally to Canadians?
“Wills” are worldwide! “Wills” have hundreds of years of history! What the hell is wrong with this picture in the United States of America!?
What do I do?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Estate Law
Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 1 year ago.

Send out letters by certified mail explaining that you will report the parties to the appropriate State Bar Associations. Also consider filing civil lawsuit against the attorney but do not mention this in your letter where you indicate that you will report all respective parties to the State Bar because by combining both governmental reporting and lawsuits in the same letter could be viewed as legal extortion.

if you decide to file a civil lawsuit, consider seeking injunctions to stop all of the fraudulent activity from continuing.

I hope that helped. Please ask any follow-up questions. Please rate my answer so that I may be credited for my time. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 1 year ago.

Please rate my answer so that I can be credited for my time. I thank you in advance for your cooperation. Thank you.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I tried a reply at the wrong place a few minutes ago. (I'm not good at phone) Need record. Certified Mail, I believe the two attorneys in AZ that are supposed to be working with us are afraid of the corruption on the Phoenix, AZ courts/legal hierarchy. I think a Certified Mail would be useless. How could I file a Civil Lawsuit from NC? Bot***** *****ne us being out of state has been the issue all of the time. I've been in contact with the State Bars of both AZ and CA, only to be ignored. I wrote AZ Bar specially on the AZ attorney that claimed he worked for us, but was really working for the fraudulent attorneys from CA. The Bar's response was in favor of that attorney. There is something very, very wrong in CA and AZ with this whole thing. I need more. I also wrote the American Bar with no help received, no response received.
Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 1 year ago.

You need to retain a local malpractice attorney in AZ and secure a free consultation to determine if your case could be pursued on a contingency basis where you will not have to pay any money upfront.

I hope that helped. Please ask any follow-up questions. Please rate my answer so that I may be credited for my time. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Please read the "AZ" part of my initial query/dissertation again. I'm saying the whole thing helped two fraudulent attorneys sell property they did not own, ignore the actual owner, and the whole process was aimed at helping the CA attorneys and ignoring the Executor of the estate. The Executor of a "Legally Binding Document" that was totally ignored beginning to end.
Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 1 year ago.

Right, retain a local malpractice attorney in AZ and secure a free consultation to determine if your case could be pursued on a contingency basis where you will not have to pay any money upfront.

I hope that helped. Please ask any follow-up questions. Please rate my answer so that I may be credited for my time. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The attorney that has been "playing me" for the past two years said he sues for "Malpractice" among other things. Yet, he is afraid for the legal hierarchy there, as evidenced by the fact he's done nothing in two years put "play" me. Note the other attorney I mentioned and his mention of corruption. I attempted contact with many an attorney via the AZ Bar's contacts, got rejected or ignored by all but two. The "Case" against the firm that screwed and abandoned the Executor is firm, rock solid, I am sure, we have emails, his filings, and the Court saying his papers were above and beyond AZ Law, the Court's capability. The Court "fired" him for being unethical, its all there, except the whole legal hierarchy of Phoenix, AZ is corrupt and we are in NC. Even have a letter form the "County Attorney" (like District Attorney) rejecting our issue, saying if the Court perceived wrong doing, it would let him know.
Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 1 year ago.

Retain a local malpractice attorney in AZ and secure a free consultation to determine if your case could be pursued on a contingency basis. I can't think of anything else as it seems that all options have been considered.

Please rate my answer so that I may be credited for my time. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Attorney2020- your “how did I do” email is on my other system. Sorry, I’ve been thinking and I had some things that I had do. Problem is that your answers don’t get it done for me. You answered as an ethical, honest attorney and likely well-adjusted in your craft. We need to dig deeper, go in a different direction.
• Review my original question, dissertation
• Under California law Wills are to be introduced to the applicable Probate Court, two lawyers and siblings of the testator’s Executor withheld the Will. Hid it away.
o Proof of the existence of the Will was delivered to the Court, only to be ignored.
o I was told by a California Probate Attorney off “JustAnswer” that what the two lawyers had done was Fraud and I had the proof thereof.
o “Fraud is usually prosecuted in Criminal Court” – I sent the Santa Clara County District Attorney my proof, and then some. Ignored.
o I received a letter from a Santa Clara County ADA at another time, I sent her my proof, and more, and more than once, never heard from her again.
o How do I get a DA in California to “take care of business” as they should when I’m in NC?
o Four “siblings” assisted in the hiding away of the Will from the Court, I’m sure that is Criminal Conspiracy. How do I get the DA in California to “take care of business?”
• The hidden away Will in California was delivered to Arizona to help the Fraudulent attorney sell property of the Estate, property to which they had no ownership, since they had never “Probated” the Will! It’s all in my original question, dissertation.
o The property has changed hands, illegally, because the papers generated by the Arizona lawyer were illegal as stated by the Court! How do we get that addressed, remedied from NC?
o Amongst other things, an Arizona attorney committed Fraud and “Legal Malpractice” (and more?) miss-representing himself to the testator’s Executor, to get to sign illegal documents, to assist the Frauds from California in the illegal sale of the property they did not own. How do we get that addressed, remedied from NC?
o The “Maricopa County Attorney” ignored the Fraud and Legal Malpractice in his jurisdiction by the Phoenix, AZ real-estate office, title company, lawyers, Court “Commissioner” the whole bowl of wax. How do we get that addressed, remedied from NC?
o The “Court Commissioner” helped the fraudulent California attorneys name a criminal conspirator sibling as “Executor” WITHOUT obtaining a “Decline to Serve” by the testator’s NAMED Executor, as (I understand) mandated by law as the Will is a “Legally Binding Document.” The aforementioned Arizona attorney so stated the “Decline to Serve” issue in his email to the testator’s Executor. How do we get that addressed, remedied from NC?
o As proved by the above and two Arizona attorneys that said they would help us out, the whole freaking Phoenix, AZ legal hierarchy is corrupt, as is the State Bar, also located as it happens in Phoenix. How do we get that addressed, remedied from NC?
o We paid two Arizona attorneys to help us out, one has been saying he would since early 2013 with no action, no “case filed” just talk! How do we get that addressed, remedied from NC?
o One of those two AZ attorneys is so afraid of the Corruption that he “said” he would help with some letters to California, ONLY, wouldn’t touch AZ. How do we get that addressed, remedied from NC?
o I’m sure there is more, read the initial material. How do we get that addressed, remedied from NC?
o Read the material, note, “Probate” in California and Arizona BOTH have never been closed, I be thinking that both states know damned well they have screwed the pooch on this Last Will and Testament! How do we get that addressed, remedied from NC?
So your “find a malpractice in Arizona and sue the attorney that has been lying to me since early 2013 just does not cut it. The corruption of the Phoenix Legal Hierarchy means I won’t be able to fine an attorney that wants to take it on. I have read the FBI is supposed to address corruption, what about this and them? I have found that a person can use the Federal Court to address interstate issues, this certainly qualifies I’m thinking, but where do we find one?
Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 1 year ago.

I am opting out. Good luck to you.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can't blame you, I appreciate your referral, however, I'm not sure "Estate Lawyer" is the way to go. That is where I started because I don't have a clue. I think you see here that there is a big, huge, problem here. "Wills" have a WW history going back hundreds of years. Yet, it appears that two states can not only ignore a Will, but also assist the frauds, the thieves, the "lawyers" that would hide a "legally binding document" away from its testator's desired objective.We have fraud by two CA attorneys, we have Criminal Conspiracy by siblings. we have CA DA that doesn't prosecute Fraud in his jurisdiction. We have a Probate Court that ignores proof of a Will when CA law says a Will must be presented to it. I'm sure there is more.In AZ we have the whole legal hierarchy covering up, assisting, the sale of property NOT OWNED by two CA lawyers all the way through. Fraud, Legal Malpractice, and more, including a "County Attorney" also not prosecuting Fraud committed by so many parties in AZ.