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Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Estate Law
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 1 year ago.

I am unable to open the document. It shows up as a blank sheet.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
in there state of Texas, is a beneficiaries of the husbands estate an investor or just a member of the trust?

There are four siblings, and one set of two care for their mother and the other two don't ever see her, except one wife who stops off unannounced to basically be nosy , and her husband in a family law attorney and the other son they lived downtown wife and moved next door to her senior live and never came by once, except to force her to try to sell her with a contract for $1.1M with and addendum of selling a home outside of the state and had a closing 6 plus months away, well my mom list her home a month latter for $1,625m and within an hours from a builder got an above list price, cash and 30 closed for $1,630m, which to me was a slap in their face after them trying to force her to sell he home. It was just the three of them there. They got completely upset and yelled and cussed at her and slammed the door and since then, have not seen her, except one brother once of twice, he used to call on his way home from work, knowing she is watching her favorite game show for small talk. The original house was built in 1958 and had some mold remediation issues and moved out into a senior living 2 yrs ago. my sister and I who see her on a frequent bases, me myself, I see her everyday and have dinner with her every night and do what every she needs. we all three came on some options with converted my sisters 4 car garage into a master sweet for her, but my mom decided to buy a brand new home that had two Master bedrooms, so my mother and me could live downstairs and my sister and daughter live upstairs with their own privacy. I myself is a disability and take care to my Doctors appointments and errand or dinner and so forth. the maid come 3 days a week, but we are getting a person to bath her and take care of her personal hygiene 3 days a week. My father passed away in 1999, and he appointed my attorney, son to be the trustee of his estate, he never filed the trust, on at the end of last year in an overnight transaction with the estate appointed some else who he does work with on a regular bases and been licensed since 1958 in the state of Texas at a attorney. threw a big loop, but all went threw. he drew up agreements for my sister, niece and my self to live there, basically my part was to be my mom's caretaker and put up $100k to my fathers estate just closed on the 15th of this month and took a major lose, because he wanted it sooner, but my house had to be renovated with complete new wire, roof, drain line, interior paint and basically getting rid if everything, I have heart issues, so I I had hired people to pack me. and sister to pay half the taxes and mom's pays the other half. sister is also responsible for food, care for my mother utilities,yard, and what ever is typical homeowners expenses. Question, is there any penalty to the one my father that he appointed trustee and never filed the trust until he switched in over at the end of 2014? my mother does not want them in the house, not to just stop by, which is only the attorneys wife, who is extremely noises. she now what's them to text me to see if we are hoe and if she wants to see them. she is of sound mind and has a geneatologist that has been taking care of her and will back that. my mother asked me to send out a text message to the two brothers and wives about her wishes about stopping by, since then never do or call. she wants me present to the room when they see her and they must text me for approval, well when my mother was with me at the doctors, the maid open the door and they speak fluent Spanish and forced their way into the house, finally left once they found out she was not there. we have nothing to hide, but they are just after hate, and we have nothing to do it, sure we have our ups and downs living together, but that is part of life. will after that they brought up the punch list and wanted in control with it and getting approval thru my father's trustee to do such, my mom's owns half and my father estate owns the other half. she don't want them to go through the house, an independent inspector, my mother has no issues with. the other brother who builds houses, not that much quantity, but her want to be the once in charge of it, the four of them have already filed complaint to against us with CPS an d ADPA, and both cases were dismisses and the person from those agencies were happy and we were doing a great job looking after my mother. My niece is completely scares of them. The two brothers have came in the passed to my sister's home and yelled at my sister without her saying anything, my niece ran outside crying, she is 15 yrs now. Stayed until they left.

Question, is my mothers son a investor in the house, or just part of the trust. If mom mother prefers she wants a professional inspector and ones whose in charge of the punch list completed, can she overrule the other trustee? The Trustee does not have a key to the house or alarm code. , can she do that and not have her son not come to inspect the entire house?
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 1 year ago.

Your question is too long and involved to deal with in a question and answer format. Please condense your question to the basic facts and then pose your question about those specific facts. I will be away and offline until later tonight (Sun.).

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