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When my Father Was dying back in 2008 he wanted to put every

Customer Question

When my Father Was dying back in 2008 he wanted to put every on my name on every thing he owned - saying that "he knew that I would be fair when he was gone". I told him No that he needed to put it in my brothers name". My Brother lived right next door. So I finally talked daddy into putting my brothers name on things by telling him that I trusted him. Daddy said OK. BUT that he wanted me to have the House & the 5 acres surrounding it. I told him OK. BUT, that even though I was going to stay in AL, with him for as long as ''he was with us - BUT, that then we had to go back to MD - because Bobby (my husband) was an only child, and he would have to go back to take care of his dad (a couple of mos before my dad had tried to put every thing into our name & even offered to build us a new house if we didn't want to live in the house with him & for my Father in law also) But I'd told him to leave everything in my Brother's name that my brother "had changed & that I trusted him" also that all I wanted was the 5 acres & I would take the house - BUT - that I couldn't come live in the house - after he (my dad - was gone) and that someone needed to live in the house to keep it up. ( I knew my brother didn't want the house - he want the house he wanted to 'bulldoze it under - to give him more field room''.. So I told my Daddy that I wanted to give the house & 2.5 acers of lands to my Niece Tasha -- who -- without - her - I don't know what I would have done. I know my daughter got upset with me for not giving her the house but my Niece was the one who gave up her job & helped me. And, so Daddy - because of my 2 older sisters being very angry at Daddy because "he didn't die 1st (our Mama had died 7 mos earlier)" wanted to take everything he owned ( and they did steal over $27,000. from him in cash alone, jewelry, all kinds of things) We - mainly just wanted to get someone in control of things & my health wasn't good at the time. And , My Brother for several years had been doing pretty good. But it seemed like Daddy's death changed him. Anyway, Tasha & her husband were not as tight as could have been - so it really did seem as though Charles was the right Chose. So, Knowing some what about the Law & doing so research I drew up a "LIFE TIME ESTATE'' one for myself & one for my Niece - my Niece's having the description of the house, land, acreage, plot description on the books for the 2.5 acres. Mine was for just 2.5 acres - right beside Tasha's land - where I had - had a trailer in the past had always referred to as ''mine anyway''.. I also had the plot description on the books. Each ''LIFE TIME ESTATE -states that should my Brother die before we die that then our Life Time Estate Become A Full Clear Title & Deed! It also states that should our spouse be living on the property and wishes to remain or a child or grand child ect..wish to live there, then, that the property be remanded to them solely into their names.MY BROTHER'S NAME IS ***** ***** SIGNED - SEALED- &- RECORDED AT THE COURT HOUSE ! (this was done in in 2008 -- in the state of Al. Also. since then -- when he get's angry about any thing - even at his wife a few yrs back -- he went on my property - and - busted the lid in on my septic tank ( no house on the property right now) with his back hoe ! when Tasha called me & told me what he was doing & I called my sister in law, she told me she didn't know he was doing that. But, that they were fighting and she would have him call me. He didn't call for a few days & when he did he skirted around telling me - I had to ask several times. And when he finally did tell me - he said that he was going to ''run cows on the land & couldn't afford having a cow step into the septic tank ( a perfectly good safe tank - now - when my father - in law passes & we move back to Al, I have that much more money to have to lay out putting in a septic tank)''. And now he's making money - renting out my land. And he's moved the fences in on my Niece cutting her down to less than 3/4th of an acre and also telling her - she has to ""buy the place or move''''!!!... this just seems so wrong to me. I don't know which way to turn now.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Estate Law
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.

Good morning.

Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry for your loss. assets normally pass according to deceased last will. Assets in his name wuold so pass. Assets transferred before death would normally be owned by the recipient. If he gave conditions and they are not being followed, would need to file in court and have a judge decide what he intended and who has ownership.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
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Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.

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