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Please if can help me in finding out how and if possible and

Customer Question

Please if can help me in finding out how and if possible and in changing of decision,due to my being unaware an lied to by aunt in case of Josephine XXXXXX (native amer.)XX-XX-XXXX passed away leaving no will. Being my great aunt bt raised being as my Grandmother. No innediate family only a niece, none enough blood so land given to to tribe my AUNT appealled several times&last year saying she lost house land etc and was done now. She told my daughter recently she got cobell money and house and land of her aunt j.j.p raised her along wth my mother (deceased) as daughters. Myself & two others were on probate list also ? I received no letter, i signed nothing excluding myself out of share? What happened?i heard 1st time this kind of appeal has been won?what kind?. Thank you. Paula XXXXXX. Email. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or text XXXXXXXXXX. No calls please .appreciated .
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Estate Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I wrote a letter on our behalf and my aunts daughter wrote 1 also being on 1st appeal, she is nt on probate list, sent along with aunts appeal. i received letter 7-24-14 of past&present letter of pet. For reahearing date 06-16-10 stated that i"who did nt claim an interest in the estate bt asserted that aunt Dianne XXXXXX (Moccasin face) and 2 othr nieces should inherit since Decedent had ack.thm as her daughters". Now(bth deceased) i was in question bt in dianne stating lost last year i didnt bother.i did state should inherit meaning my mother& aunts, bt since gone me and my sister would be next in line to inherit.i never wrote i had no interest in, my name on list same as Dianne's two others deceased and three others wanted no part of leaving only 4.i do no in order for her t i get Cobell $ aunt would have to be geting land lease from. I do nt know how long ago my Aunt won case? All i no is something is wrong, and aunts lying in her greed she needs to b stopped! my Grandmother would be very upset in all. It Should be all of us or none either way im content & if in only done the right way n honest. Thank you again for and in your consideration. Paula XXXXXX 09-23-15.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I was charged 22.00 on my checking statement for month of October, i need credited back into my account ASAP, REASON BEING I RECEIVED NO ANSWER TO MY PROBATE QUESTION. THANK YOU. p.m