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Can I change attorneys if she isn't doing anything,

Customer Question

Can I change attorneys if she isn't doing anything, everything she does is wrong, she doesn't listen or communicate & argues anything all the pros tell me. Our friend, a pedestrian who lived in CA was hit by a car, while visiting NY, was on life support/unresponsive
for days then passed. My husband & I are his only beneficiaries under will & are the court appointed administrators of estate. We hired her to represent our interest in all involved. There are many details to this that needed the right steps to be taken. The
deceased family had ideas to contest the will but they just conceeded knowing we had a stronger case There are many details to this that needed all the right steps to be taken. I started doing the legal research here & everywhere else so I knew what was actual
on everything we needed to do, mainly because she made several huge mistakes. She completely changed up our coarse of action on everything many times, I started feeling not very confident & felt we were not in such good hands. She has told us she quit like
3 times, every time I get facts from all the pros & suggest things NICELY she yells at me & says for me to do it MY WAY & to find another lawyer. As far as a case against the at fault driver & owner of the car for Wrongful death or personal injury. The at
fault drivers Insurance co settled OUT OF COURT pending court approval of the release The attorney expects us to do everything having to do with this part & wont do anything with it, but expects a third. She also talks to the insurance rep, listens to everything
they say, she gives me all the wrong info, instructs me to do all the wrong things & changes it all up all the time. Some details of the case/cases There are extenuating circumstances Our friend was disowned & is estranged by his entire family for over 40
years. We have a strong case to proof none of his family even being [email protected] should have standing to collect. He's never been a source of support or contributed to anyone he was blood related to & they had no loss of relationship. Because getting
a court approval is proving so difficult & the statute of limitations was approaching, I filed a summons with notice in NY to stay it. Our attorney did not assist in that. I dont know if just filing a summons with notice to stay the statute is considered filing
a suit or action, the attorney probably wouldn't know either or I'm sure wouldn't tell me. We are gearing up to start litigation on the contents of the will, this is where she thinks she's going to participate, but in light of all the wrong things I'm afraid
she doesn't know what she;s doing on this part either. Our freind was pretty much homeless much of his life, had no assets, but knew was an Heir to his parents estates His siblings kept him in the dark about what was his interest in their estates & he was
trying & we were helping him to research it all before he died. Meanwhile whatever was supposed to come to him he has now left to us. The one thing he knew of within his fathers trust is a fourth interest in a property worth somewhere over 4 million. Because
our friend knew about that, his brother claims thats the only thing that was in the fathers trust, there may be more that they've been keeping from our friend all along. We are getting set to fight a technicality, the way our friend didn't word something right
in his will leaving my husband & myself his interest in his fathers trust. We have an extremely strong case. Anyway theres more details. Can we get a trade in for this lawyer somehow?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Estate Law
Expert:  Legal Eagle replied 1 year ago.

A contact with a lawyer is a personal services contact. You, as the client have the absolute right to terminate the attorney for any reason whatsoever. The lack of communication and unwillingness to cooperate are deal breakers. Hire another lawyer and have that lawyer file a substitution of counsel. Pete

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