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The appraiser has taken away 10 acres of 12. We applied % VA

Customer Question

The appraiser has taken away 10 acres of 12 for homestead. We applied for 100% VA disability and now they take away acres that we use, but not according to her. How do I get help on this matter. We have lived on this land with 12 acres of homestead for 10 years. We mow the fields, building a huge pond, have a picnic area that we use all the time, and seed wildflowers on the fields. We have deer, turkey, roadrunners, and other wildlife we maintain and feed. WE do not have an agricultural exemption as we do not have domestic animals or food products allowed in the exemption rules. I do believe they did this when after 29 years of military service and 100% disability they did not want to honor my husband's sacrifice he has made for this country. I need help and no one has any answers. The only reason I know what the appraiser did was I got a foreclosure letter from a lawyer saying we owe $16.28 for back taxes on 2014. Thanks
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Estate Law
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for contacting JUST ANSWER with your problem; however your problem cannot be dealt with just by obtaining information online, from us or anyone else. It's impossible to tell how either an appraisal of your farm or a foreclosure threat from an attorney over back taxes can relate to your husbands disability application. You need a local Texas lawyer who handles VA disability claims to assist you. Here is a list of Texas attorneys that was produced by a Google search. Many of them advertised that they handle VA disability claims: With the right assistance you should be able to get things straightened out. I hope that this information is helpful.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Well that was not worth my $46. You did not even try and see what homestead laws were in Texas or that I had lived in a place for over 10 years and did not even get a notice that it was changed. I received a letter on foreclosure for $16.58. for 2014 taxes. My land is worth over $190,000.00. All I wanted you to do was help me on ways to appeal now instead of next year and if it was legal to send this to a lawyer before contacting me. My mortgage company is the one that pays my tax bill out of my escrow and they were not even notified. I wanted to know on grandfather clauses as we were on 12 acres of homestead and the appraiser without coming to our land re-classified it with only 2 acres when my husband applied for his VA exemption. Since I already paid my 2014 taxes, how can they go back and re access it and send a bill. I understand for 2015 since she did this in July of this year. So for $46 you did not do anything but tell me to go to a Lawyer. I do not agree with this payment.
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 2 years ago.
Laurie: I can identify at least nine separate legal issues which are all jumbled together to the extent that your explanation makes no sense. I don't think you understand what we do at JUST ANSWER, and I urge you to obtain a local attorney. I will send this to customer service to process a refund for you. You do not need to Reply to this.