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I need help from a lawyer who profess in law practices in

Customer Question

Hi, I need help from a lawyer who profess in law practices in the islands of Palau. I'm looking for help and guidance as I will try and write a statement for the Land Court in Palau for either my families attorney or they probably will just represent themselves.
Is there a way of wording were the term double jeopardy can be used in Land Court? Where the context of the argument is usually of the same nature but always have a different claim.
I want to ensure that no further claims can be made from the plaintiff because they have been submitting claims that has been in the same nature of argument and that ultimately leads to further use of our financial resources, and stress in the family.
The scope of the argument is closely described to something that I would say, that the plaintiff is claiming to have the defendants' mother out of the property because of traditional statutes claiming that after the death of her husband, the wife has no authority of staying on her husbands estates. Where the plaintiff also has no authority because of her hereditary ties to the family has been cut because of her parent that was adopted out of the family tree.
While this is on ongoing case it is further causing duress in the family because of the constant complaints with different meaning, however the same motive is what I want to point out here.
So in closing,
I'm looking to find assistance in formulating a written 'allegory of some type' so that the attorney will use it as a basis for defending the defendants.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Estate Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question.
I apologize, but we have nobody familiar with the laws of Palau on this site. If you need local counsel, please use the same sites used by other attorneys, or
You are NOT being charged for this response and you can contact customer service at for a refund of any deposit if you like.