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My sister with whom I have no relationship retains an attorney

Customer Question

My sister with whom I have no relationship retains an attorney accusing me of neglect of my POA of my dad who died in 2009. The lawyer must not be bright since my mother has her own Durable POA Health Care Surrogate and I serve in these capacities. My sister has psychiatric issues and I even have a letter from a Judge protecting me referring to her as a "snake in the grass" . My mother is my world, suffers from dementia , but just recently Simone attempted to kill my mom through suffocation at her long term care facilitity . Thank God I walked in that night and was able to dislodge the obstruction. Mom was moved to the hospital and my sister found her. My mother was unable to speak and death was a possibility. The hospital told my sister to call me since I restricted and wanted protection for my mother. We do not know who attempted the murder. Once my mother wa are.eased to a new long term facility, I phone in about one week to tell my sister where my mother was, and the address and number. Her verbal abuse will not be tolerated. I told her she wa s'more than welcome to visit mom anytime and that'll had been over 2 years. Total visits in 30 plus years for my sister to visit mom and dad maybe 12 tops. My husband and I work directly with the physicians, make all decisions regarding procedures, medications, and we have even brought in our own medical specialists in. My knowledge of medical and legal is far more detail oriented than most. At times when my concentratrtion and stress release for my husband who recently had 4 brain tumors removed must be made with my husband and my mother's best interest at heart, I must say my sister is not a part of my decision making process. Approximately one month ago I asked mom if she would like to speak to Joy Klein and she stated "I don't give a crap". This is common that those who live 2000 miles away and are extremely wealthy as my brother in law who newly married my sister travel for themselves, live the good life, but Ther is nothing in this whole world which replaces my time with my dad that past, 10 years prior to his diag nosis whom we cared for, and now my m. I would appreciate your comments as I do not know if this a bepreaking my mother's POA. thank you for you timely response
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Estate Law
Expert:  Dimitry Esquire replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your post. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.
I have read your situation and I am genuinely sorry whenever I see such type of active and malicious dysfunction within a family unit. How can I help, exactly? What is your question?