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what documents do I need to keep as General Durable Power of

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what documents do I need to keep as General Durable Power of Attorney for my dad's estate?
(ie. Maintaining his condo property (until it is sold), cleaning, gas to travel back-and forth, replacing blown out bulbs, replacing faulty A/C unit, etc)

He is legally deemed incompetent and in a nursing home. I am his health care proxy.

What documents/ records do I keep to avoid legal challenges from those that have alternative ( i.e.. money) agendas, rather than the best care for dad and his life journey.

Hi and welcome to JA. I am Ray and will be the expert assisting you tonight.

Overall it is good to keep a journal notebook with receipts for all expenses, what is was for and when you purchased it, etc.Any travel here I would suggest you claim mileage according to IRS guidelines rather than by say gasoline purchases.

Here you can claim 56.5 per mile again document how m any miles here , where you went , purpose, etc.Since you know others may question this keeping a good record is essential.I would also suggest you photocpy it periodically or otherwise back it up in case it were to become lost or destroyed.

Again you should do this daily or at least weekly because it can be hard to remember all your trips, purchases, what the purpose was, etc.

Reference to the mileage issue.,-Medical-and-Moving

If he is on Medicaid this allows you to prove up the expenses for the ME worker if they ask.



The most important rule to keep in mind is not to commingle your own funds with the funds you are managing for the principal. Keep the accounts separate. The easiest way to keep back up records is to run all funds through a checking account. The checks will act as receipts and the checkbook register as a running account.They back up your notebook here.

I appreciate the chance to assist you tonight.It has been my pleasure to assist.

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