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Father of minor passed away. He had been awarded full custody

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Father of minor passed away. He had been awarded full custody of child previously. He left a large insurance policy on his life for his son. Mother was awarded guardianship of minor and estate (insurance policy). He just turned 18 years old, and we the grandparents were sent copies of legal papers saying that she will no longer be the guardian of the boy nor the estate. We are concerned that the mother has somehow depleted the money in this estate of her son illegally, though he was receiving his father's pension and SS benefits for 6 years. How are we entitled to find out if she has somehow succeeded in doing this. Thank you.
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Since he is now an adult, he has legal standing to know himself (and would be the only one, assuming he is legally competent). Is he not interested in determining what happened with his estate?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

He is attending college in Arizona, and we just got the information about the guardianship ending. We don't want to make trouble between his "mother" and him, but we are afraid that she has looted his bank accounts. Does he have to file legally to find if she has done this?

At his point, because of his age, he would be the one who would have to do something. It's his money and his inheritance. You as grandparents do not have the legal right to get involved.

What you can do is ensure that he knows what was left to him. Then it is up to him to act and to ensure he rightly gets what is his.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

He knows what was left to him, as we made sure he knew that it was his and not his big spending mother. If she has looted his account somehow, how will she be held responsible?

Hopefully she still has some of it, for his sake. Otherwise the only way she would be held at all responsible is by him bringing criminal charges.
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