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Hello, This is pertaining to Wisconsin Estate Law. My

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This is pertaining to Wisconsin Estate Law.

My father passed away a few months ago. I am the product of an affair he had. Him and his wife never divorced, and he never wanted anything to do with me throughout my life; however, he did have to pay child support. I first met my father when I was 22 years old, and after that, I ran into him a few times. Him and his wife had 3 children together, but lost custody of them; and therefore, they were adopted many years ago. So technically, I believe I am the only legal heir (besides his wife). I do not have any contact with my father's side of the family. I do not have any idea if he had a will, or any assets. I was wondering if it's possible I have any legal right to his estate? Also, how would I find this information out? Thank you very much for your time.

Hello and thank you for the question. I am sorry to read of this dilemma. You want to find out of if there is a will and get a copy. If the family wont produce it, you may check if filed with local probate court or have a lawyer make demand for it. If not named in the will, you would not be able to recover. If there is no will, you have a claim as an heir on establishing paternity.
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